Exclusive Interview With Michael Berg

Fast rising American singer and songwriter Michael Berg, has released his long-awaited EP dubed “Brown On Brown”.The newly released Ep “Brown on Brown” serves as Michael Berg’s first release in the year 2022.

However, Michael Berg reveals a magnum opus party tune in his Ep with hints of exploration through bold basslines, sharp beats and bright lines to have listeners replaying every time.Michael Berg is determined to inspire people through his music as well as being an advocate of self love and knowing your worth.

We caught up with the Philadelphia artist in an exclusive interview and he fielded questions regarding the making process of his latest Ep and his music career in general.Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Brown On Brown” beneath.


What’s up Michael, good to have you on this interview. Please Introduce yourself for the benefit of those who don’t know you.
Thank you for interviewing me. I appreciate your time. My name is Michael Berg, I’m a singer-songwriter from Philadelphia. I have been writing and singing songs on the guitar for over ten years. I have three EPs available, my latest one Brown on Brown was just released on March 11th of this year

What’s the inspiration behind your latest album “Brown on Brown?
The album title Brown on Brown was inspired by the 1966 Bob Dylan album “Blonde on Blonde.” This is my third project named after a Bob Dylan album. He is a great inspiration of mine as a songwriter.

How was the process of writing and releasing your latest album like?
It was a wonderful process. I wrote most of those songs in 2020. I had written a few more songs for the EP too, one that I fully produced, had mixed and mastered but decided to leave it off. This EP is a four song folk project and I am happy with the conciseness of it and the consistency in sound. Releasing it has been an adventure I would say. We are still in the midst of the rollout. It has been very fulfilling with more exciting things to come.

How would you describe your musical style?
The music I release as an artist tends to fall in the singer-songwriter/soft rock category. However the music I write with other artists ranges from country to rap to pop, hip-hop and r&b too.Brown on Brown in particular had more of an acoustic folk sound, where the guitar and vocals were in the center of the mix

What do you think is the most important ingredient for a successful music career?
The most important ingredient for a successful music career is desire. You have to be fully committed to your craft with an unwavering confidence in what you are doing. The passion has to be there, the determination has to be there and you have to love it

What are your interests outside music?
Outside of music I like to read books, go for runs, spend time in the park, keep up with the investment world and enjoy life with family and friends

What are the three most important things that inspire you in life?
Free will, liberation and the sun.

What is your biggest challenge as a musician?
To capture the same energy and magic in the studio that I experience while writing a song. To be able to bring a song to its full potential in the production space. When I write a song, I hear the sound landscape a certain way and it’s about translating that vision into its sonic equivalent.

❖ How would you define success for yourself and your career as an artist?
Success for me means making a positive impact on people with my art, while also maintaining a certain amount of independence and freedom from a creative standpoint. I’m a poet, I know it, I hope I don’t blow it!

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