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Exclusive Interview With Marina Laurendi

Fast rising American singer and songwriter Marina Laurendi, has been soaring higher since she debuted on the scene. She has maintained a hold on the attention of a growing audience with her infectious mix of ballad-style sentimentality and meshed into undeniable pop hits. Songs like “Gramercy” “Over you,” and “Neighborhood Kids” broadened the edges of her artistry. She combines elements of cinematic pop, alternative rock, and singer-songwriter lyricism to create her unique sound.

However, before making her way into mainstream music, Marina grew up as a theatre performer and moved to NYC shortly after college to perform Off-Broadway and around the East Coast. Her music is heavily influenced by the pulse of the city along with the quiet nostalgia of her roots. Her music has been featured on Thunder 102 in Sullivan County,  in Broadway World and NYS Music, and has earned her spots on dozens of independent Spotify playlists.

Be that as it may, Marina’s latest single “Neighborhood Kids” off her forthcoming “Stay Mine” EP is a must listen as the multi-talented singer proved her musical prowess on this track. The newly released single “Neighborhood Kids” is a classy and sultry hometown ballad, perfect for slow summer days.

Across her career, Marina remains consistent with her strong delivery of melody and lyrical content. Marina on her speedy rise is an artist that you all need to watch out for. We caught up with the New York based singer in a recent interview and the conversation below ensued. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream and share “Neighborhood Kids” beneath.


Tell me a little bit about yourself and what motivates you to do what you do best? 

I am a very observant person, a very sensitive person and I think I process my experiences through music. So a lot of my songs tend to be more introspective and personal. I’m motivated and inspired by life experiences and also by the artists I look up to and that inspire and move me. 

The “Gramercy” song is a true classic of its kind. Bring me some parallel tracks and explain what inspired you to compose this song?

Thank you. Some parallel tracks…I don’t have anything specific that comes to mind but I’m betting if you like Lana Del Rey or Taylor Swift you’ll like this song, I think they’re in the same vein.

I wrote this song probably a year or so after the fallout of a really fast-moving fling. It was only a couple of months long but it left me really crushed and confused for a while after. He was older and it was the first time I felt like I had been treated like people told me I deserved to be treated with fancy dates and sort of materialistic gestures so I think I had mistaken it for what other people’s idea of love looks like. One of the places he took me was to the Gramercy Park Hotel and I just felt like I had entered his world of materialism and wealth and exclusivity. And it was really addicting somehow. So I associate Gramercy with being in that totally enamored stage, craving the intimacy, trust, and vulnerability and wanting to be treated preciously. So the parallel between that and the key to Gramercy Park was clear in my head form the start.

Tell me what your character is like (talk about your personality, background and style of music)? 

I’m half realist, half idealist. I grew up loving books and reading and so that part of me that loves fiction and the Bronte sisters is still very prevalent and comes through in my music I think with this cinematic quality. And I love old movies and nostalgia. I’m more introverted than I think people realize. Also I’m a Leo sun, cancer moon, so I love performing and love what I do, but like I said before I can get overwhelmed by big crowds and overthinking and will absolutely cry over spilled milk. 

Describe your new single “Gramercy” in two sentences? 

Oh, God this is about to sound like a Kindergartden poem…Gramercy takes you on a tour of NYC through the lens of rose colored glasses; a dancey, pop beat over a cinematic orchestra, electric guitars, and sonic textures, it captures all the ways we feel love, lust, and the desire to be wanted exclusively like the key the Gramercy Park.

What do you love to do when you’re not creating music? 

I love to be in the sun as much as possible which isn’t always easy when you live in Western, NY. I like reading, traveling, taking walks and listening to music or a good podcast.

Tell me about one song that you wrote that you feel stands out as an inspiration to you or as a written work of art? 

I have a few that I’m really proud of but one I actually was afraid to show the guys I play with most of the time because I thought it was garbage at first but then we played it and I was like ‘actually, this is my new favorite’. It’s called Small Talk. I love the images and what it’s about and it’s just completely honest and I just said what I saw in my head and somehow it made sense. Miraculously.  I love the chord progression and this mellow atmospheric sound it has. I think that will be the next one I take to the studio. It’s just about really seeing someone for the first time, and your first impression of them, maybe a slight crush and starting to wonder if you’re at all alike. 

 Describe how you got involved in music, and how you got started with your career? 

I always loved to sing since I was a little girl, and I did theatre from a really young age. That was the reason I moved to NY actually, for theatre. And then I realized I was more in love with music at the time and needed to explore that more and just be myself. It was a tough choice but the best choice, and I’ll always be open to theatre of it’s right in the future.

What is the most meaningful musical discovery you’ve made in the last 10 years?

You can’t control anything. The best thing you can do is have a good attitude and good things will start to happen. I know that may not sound like it directly relates to music but it does. Anything negative blocks your mind from working and makes you stay stuck. Just put yourself out there.

What was your favorite part of growing up in NYC and how did it differ from other cities or states? 

So I actually grew up in Western NY and moved to NYC when I was about 23. So I grew up with this suburban sense of restlessness and wanderlust. I just always remember wanting to grow up and graduate as fast as I could so I could move to NYC and travel and see the world. There’s really nothing like NY. I can never get over the geography of it, the art, the style, the hidden treasures. It can be so glamourous and so gritty all at once. I remember being very lonely in NY even having a handful of friends there but I will always love it there and have appreciation for it just like I do for my home.

Do you have any advice for aspiring musicians who want to break into this industry? 

Yes. Get yourself a publicist. Not enough people will tell you that. 

And my cousin actually gave me this advice and it’s so good-

“you want something to change, but you’re afraid of change. You have to get over that if you really want it.” And he’s so right. If you want change, you have to be willing to tell your fear to shut up.

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