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Exclusive Interview With Licity Collins

Exclusive Interview With Licity Collins: In an exclusive interview, we had the pleasure of catching up with the acclaimed singer-songwriter, Licity Collins, who has recently unveiled her captivating new single, “Moving In My Sleep.” With its infectious melodies and relatable lyrics, the song takes listeners on a whimsical journey through the relentless madness of a recurring nightmare. Licity shared her personal experiences and creative process, shedding light on how music has become a source of healing and relief in her life.

As Licity continues to captivate audiences with her unique blend of infectious melodies, relatable storytelling, and soothing vocals, we can anticipate more remarkable releases in the future. With “Moving In My Sleep,” she has solidified her status as an artist who fearlessly delves into the complexities of life and creates art that resonates with listeners on a profound level.

However, it is evident that “Moving In My Sleep” is a significant milestone in her artistic journey. Through this enchanting song, Licity has not only transformed her personal nightmare into a captivating musical experience but has also discovered the healing power of music itself. Her ability to convey emotions and connect with listeners on a deep level is a testament to her exceptional talent as a singer-songwriter.

As Licity continues to captivate audiences with her unique sound and heartfelt storytelling, we eagerly anticipate the impact of her music and the journeys she will take us on in the future. Be sure to listen to “Moving In My Sleep” and experience the enchanting world that Licity Collins has crafted through her music.


Can you tell us about your journey as an indie musician? What inspired you to pursue a career in music?

I’ve been making music ever since I was really young. I played cello in orchestra and saxophone, and I’ve always sang. But I never felt empowered enough to make music as my identity until I was 40. I spent 20 years as a visual artist and working in social justice but, that was becoming increasingly difficult for my well-being, and my heart called to me to be the musician I had always longed to be. So when I was 40 I bought my first guitar. That’s the guitar I still play now. That’s how I got here. It’s been the single decision in my life that has brought me the most real happiness. 

How would you describe your unique style and sound as an artist? What sets you apart from other musicians?

I don’t fit into any genre. I make rock, folk, classical, and meditation music. I am pretty non-categorizable which can be either confusing or thrilling to people. If you find that thrilling, then stick with me!

And… I value imperfection. I want to sound real, alive, passionate, and in the moment. The world has gotten soooo phoney. I am real. “Raw and real” that’s what people say most about me. 

Could you share some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced as an indie musician and how you overcame them?

I had back-to-back hand injuries in 2020 and 2021. Those were terrifying. I had to stop doing everything that used my hands, and also not lean too heavily into singing so I didn’t burn out my voice. I got back to some really beautiful old British folk music to keep my spirit going. These were songs I have been singing for 30 years. Songs that keep me connected to why I love storytelling music so much.

I started making my own arrangements of those songs, not knowing if I would record them or not. Those songs saved me. And… I had to STOP just stop, learn to slow waaaaay down, pause, rest, take more time with everything. And eventually, I could play guitar again. I never take a single day of playing without gratitude. 

What is your creative process like? How do you approach songwriting and composing music?

My process is to create the guitar music first and then listen listen listen… then I open my mouth and see what comes out. I work very closely with my lead electric guitar player and we help to shape the mood and journey of the song. Then I bring in the kick-ass team of musicians to bring it to vibrant life. I feel amazingly lucky to have such great people to work with. 

Are there any particular themes or messages that you aim to convey through your music? What inspires your lyrics?

My songs often come from things that I want to say out loud or to someone but for one reason or another I can’t. I’m a really verbal processor – I like to talk things through and I can’t always find a person to share your troubles with but my songs are always willing to listen. 


That’s the most important thing in my music– that it sounds and feels and IS honest. 

Tell us about your latest music project.

My recent release “Moving In My Sleep” is a fun romp about a recurring nightmare. I wrote it because I was sick of having this dream over and over and waking up in total anxiety morning after morning. The funny thing is that once I wrote the song the dream went away! It’s a really playful catchy tune and I hope people will enjoy it and also that it can be a reminder that when we sing about the hard times, it helps them to heal. 

What are your long-term goals as an indie musician? Where do you see yourself and your music in the next few years?


I am making new work in the classical genre. I’m releasing my meditation music. And I am working on some new original songs that are just me and my guitar. As always I will go wherever the creative spirit leads me. I feel like the possibilities are absolutely open and endless

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