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Exclusive Interview With Shegah

Get ready to groove and feel the rhythm as the charismatic Dancehall diva Shegah, returns to the spotlight with her latest track, ‘COOL CHOP,’ making it the perfect anthem to kickstart your summer season. This song is a true masterpiece, blending classic Afrobeats rhythms, infectious shakers, and enchanting harmonies, all wrapped around an irresistibly addictive hook that will have you hitting the replay button time and time again.

When Shegah received the beat from her talented producer, Abochi, her creative spirit soared, instantly plunging her into the depths of the “writing mood.” ‘COOL CHOP’ showcases Shegah’s boldness as she fearlessly addresses what she refers to as “young ladies squandering money from elderly men.” It’s a track that exudes fun, vibrancy, and undeniably danceable energy, marking Shegah’s remarkable return to the limelight and destined to garner significant recognition throughout the summer.

Having embarked on her solo journey, Shegah has collaborated with a host of hit-making artists, including Praye, Tony Harmony, Castro, Mzbel, Reggie Zippy, Yaa Pono, Samini, Jupiter, and many more. When the winds of change swept through the Ghanaian music scene, Shegah took a deliberate step back to rebrand her music and hibernate during the transition. This strategic move paid off handsomely, particularly in the UK, where her track ‘Dem Marking Time’ soared to the top of the charts and secured the coveted Music Video of the Year award at NELAS 2018.

Furthermore, her sensational hit ‘Big It Up’ claimed the prestigious title of ‘Best Song of the Year’ at the DBE Music Awards UK, while Shegah herself was honored with the Outstanding Achievement in Music accolade at Panache 2018. Now a highly acclaimed artist, Shegah is poised to captivate audiences once again.

In an exclusive interview, we had the privilege of catching up with the sensational Dancehall diva, Shegah, who has returned to the music scene with a new song.’As fans eagerly await what’s next, it’s undeniable that Shegah’s artistry and talent will continue to captivate audiences worldwide. With her remarkable achievements and the boundless potential she possesses, Shegah is poised to leave an indelible mark on the music landscape.


Shegah, congratulations on the release of your latest track ‘COOL CHOP’. Can you tell us about the creative process behind the song? How did you come up with the concept and what was your experience like working with producer Abochi?

My Team and I decided to do something on trend so we consulted one of the hitmakers, Abochi, or an Amapiano beat. That’s how Cool Chop was made.

You have had a diverse music career, working with several well-known artists in the past. Can you share with us some of the challenges you faced during your solo endeavors?

Some of the challenges I faced as a solo artist were penetrating a male-dominated industry and getting someone to invest in my craft.

Your track ‘Big It Up’ won ‘Best Song of the Year’ at DBE Music Awards UK, and you were honored with Outstanding Achievement in Music at Panache 2018 How have these accolades and recognition impacted your career, and how do you plan to build on this success in the future?

Winning awards internationally motivated me to spread my wings more. I’m currently working hard to be recognized Globally.

With the release of ‘COOL CHOP’ and your ongoing success, what can your fans and listeners expect from you in the future? Are there any upcoming projects or collaborations that you’re excited about?

    After Cool Chop, my fans should expect mega hits upon hits and they should also expect a lot of collaborations with major artists around the mworld.

    When the music trends in Ghana began to shift, you made the decision to hibernate and rebrand your music. Could you share with us what led to this decision and how it ultimately became a success, particularly in the UK?

    Rebranding is part of showbiz. When the trends changed I switched because I’m versatile, which has kept me relevant till date.

    The lyrics of ‘COOL CHOP’ address the theme of “young ladies squandering money from elderly men.” What motivated you to explore this topic in your music?

    The lyrics of Cool Chop are something most ladies can relate to, I also wanted to make it a bit comical so I added some spice to it.

    Tracks like ‘Dem Marking Time’ reached the top of the charts and won awards in the UK. What do you think resonated with the UK audience, and how did that success influence your approach to your music?

    Dem Marking Time hit the UK chat because it had a Caribbean style and perfect delivery of vocals. It taught me that language isn’t a barrier, if the music is good people will embrace it.

    With a bundle of recognition and achievements under your belt, what are your aspirations for the future of your music career? Are there any specific goals or milestones you hope to achieve?

    Thanks to my Team Magic Records I’ve been able to achieve a lot. However, there’s no limit for me so I see myself making a huge impact both in Ghana and the Diaspora. I would also want to help others in the same field to achieve their dreams.

    As a highly acclaimed artist, how do you strive to continuously push the boundaries of your artistry and create music that resonates with your audience?

    As a highly acclaimed artist I believe in commitment, consistency and writing timeless songs will make me resonate with my audience.

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