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Exclusive Interview With Jay Wood

In the world of music, there are artists who go beyond merely creating melodies; they use their craft to share profound stories that touch the hearts of listeners. One such artist is Jay Wood, whose journey through life has been a symphony of resilience, hope, and love. As the release of her much-anticipated single, “Initial Pulse,” approaches, we sat down with Jay for an exclusive interview to gain insight into the inspiration behind her music, the challenges she has faced, and the triumphs that have defined her artistic path.

Jay Wood’s musical odyssey began like any other, with a passion for expressing herself through songwriting and performance. Her honest and heartfelt lyrics resonated with audiences, and she was well on her way to making a mark in the industry. However, fate had other plans for the young musician. A life-altering accident not only shattered her dreams but also left her bereft of the ability to play and create music. It was a dark period in Jay’s life, and she found herself at a crossroads, unsure of how to reclaim the rhythm that once defined her.

In the midst of the struggle, Jay’s indomitable spirit prevailed. With sheer determination and unwavering perseverance, she embarked on a journey of recovery and rediscovery. The process was arduous, but music, as it so often does, became her lifeline. Jay found solace in listening to the classical masterpieces of Mozart, using the power of music to help rewire her neural pathways and rekindle her passion for creation.

As Jay’s musical abilities slowly resurfaced, a pivotal moment arrived that would change everything. Love came knocking on her heart’s door, and with it came a resurgence of creativity. “Initial Pulse” was born from the first beats of her heart when he fell in love again for the first time post-accident. It was a song that flowed from her soul, reflecting the interconnectedness of love and life, and symbolizing a fresh start—a new beginning.

With “Initial Pulse” as a testament to her resilience and artistic revival, Jay Wood set out to create more music that encapsulates the human experience. Her forthcoming EP, aptly titled “Respire,” captures the essence of life’s ups and downs, from the beauty of love to the challenges of self-discovery. Each track weaves together Jay’s unique storytelling style and evocative melodies, inviting listeners to join her on a journey of reflection and introspection.

In our exclusive interview, Jay Wood opens up about the emotions he poured into “Initial Pulse” and how her creative process allowed her to articulate deep-seated feelings. She shares the inspiration behind her music, likening her style to acclaimed artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers. Through her candid words, we come to understand that Jay’s music is more than just a form of entertainment; it is an avenue for connecting with others and embracing the shared human experience.


Congratulations on the release of your single, “Initial Pulse.” Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song and how it represents your personal journey of rediscovering life and falling in love?

This song was written at a time in which both playing and creating music was a very real difficulty for me. Along with many other faculties post-accident, I not only lost a significant relationship but I lost the ability to play and write music. As you can imagine this was devastating. As I began my recovery process, it felt as though I had to sit and wait for my musical abilities to resurface. As it turns out this song was inspired by the first few beats of my heart, when I fell in love again for the first time. Love and life became synonymous and as I hoped to be able to pen a song that reflected this, out came Initial Pulse. The start of a new beginning.

You mentioned that “Initial Pulse” was the first song you wrote after a long period of re-learning to play your instruments following a life-altering accident. How did that experience influence the creation of the song, and what emotions did you pour into it?

As you can imagine writing this song meant a lot to me. When I write music, I think it just flows through me, almost unconsciously. The tune, the lyrics, everything about it is something I don’t really think about. I guess it’s more felt than thought about. I don’t think I realised it at the time, but upon completion the emotions really hit me! Emotions of love, gratitude and shock coupled with sheer relief at the fact I had managed to write again! I think I cried for a good while after it was penned, I had finally done it!

The title “Initial Pulse” carries a symbolic meaning. Can you share with us what the title represents and why you chose it for the song?

Initial Pulse is titled to symbolize the first few heartbeats you have when you fall in love, that pump blood through your veins and give you life. As mentioned before, love is synonymous with life and I wanted to reflect the fresh start/new beginning in the title of the song as this is what the creation of this song meant to me.

Your music is known for its heartfelt lyrics and the ability to connect with listeners on an intimate level. How do you approach songwriting and capturing such deep emotions in your music?

I think this is something everyone has the ability to do. I am no different from anyone else and I think trusting that fact enables me to go inward and express myself with authenticity and truth in my own knowing. I let the music flow through me and allow whatever theme or topic comes forth. Understanding that we are all connected and that I am not the only one who experiences life the way I do, really helps when aiming to articulate myself in my songwriting.

Your songwriting style has been compared to artists like Phoebe Bridgers and Maggie Rogers. How would you describe your musical style and the themes you explore in your songs?

My style is very much singer-songwriter and aims to share a story in order to connect with my audience. I write my music to reflect love, life, and the human experience. These are topics/themes we can all relate to, and in my opinion, creating music is as much about connection and unity as it is about entertainment.

With your EP “Respire” set to release on September 1st, what message or emotions do you hope to convey to listeners through this collection of songs?

The creation of Respire has been made with the intention of reflecting life, in its many ups and downs. The tracks follow my life’s journey from both pre to post-accident, with songs relating to both sides of that coin. The title itself means “to breathe” which I think reflects not only the reminder of how amazing it is to simply have breath, but the fact music in itself is a contributor to life. (I know it certainly makes living and breathing more enjoyable!)

Despite facing numerous difficulties, you have remained resilient and determined in pursuing your music career. How has music helped you overcome adversity, and what advice do you have for others facing challenges in their own lives?

Music helped immensely with my recovery process, from listening to Mozart daily to help “rewire” my neural pathways (who knew it could do THAT?!), to re-learning how to play my own instruments and write my own songs. Music has always had a large position in my life and in my pursuit to overcome challenges. It became the beacon, the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak. I aimed for it and didn’t stop until I had done it. It was representative of much more than simply making some songs. Some hard-fought years later, here I am doing things doctors told me I would never be able to, with releasing “Initial Pulse”.

With that, the advice I would give to others is under NO circumstances do you give up on yourself. No matter what happens to you in life, no matter what you are told by others, no matter the dire circumstances you may find yourself in –  you CAN choose the life you want to live and you CAN achieve it. This life we are given is a beautiful and entirely worthwhile endeavor if you choose it to be so, how you respond is all that matters.

Can you give us a glimpse into the creative process behind your music? How do you go about translating your thoughts and emotions into lyrics and melodies?

Usually, this is a very simple process for me! If I get an idea that I want to explore I simply sit in some quiet, either at home or in the car down by the beach, and let my thoughts fly out onto the page. I write poetry and sentences (which don’t always make a lot of sense) to simply get the thoughts and feelings out of my head. I find writing poetry is the simplest way for me to articulate myself creatively. So, my songs almost always begin in poetic form, and then I apply the same process musically. It’s almost always lyrics before the tune for me, as the words form the general feel to the song and I find then find the notes to fit the lyrical themes.

What can listeners expect from your EP “Respire”? Are there any particular themes or moments in the album that hold significant meaning for you?

Respire is the culmination of both the beauty and the difficulty of my life. It has been created to reflect a snippet of my journey through love, life and the overall human experience. I think the song Initial Pulse is the most pivotal song for me, as detailed in the above questions pertaining to this. However, in addition to this, I think it’s equally as important for me to say that each song on this EP has special meaning and reflects important themes and experiences that I’m sure many people have also had. Hidden Face for example explores topics surrounding inner peace, self-reflection, and working out who you are/where you fit in the world.

What are your plans and aspirations for the future of your music career? Do you have any upcoming projects or performances that you’re excited about?

For the moment I am focussed on the enjoyment of riding the wave that is releasing music! With my first song ‘oh well’ already out in the world with a resoundingly positive reception, the next focus is my second single release on July 28 followed by my EP on September 1. In terms of my overall music career, I will see where the musical gods send me! A little on the hush for the time being but this may possibly include a couple of exciting opportunities overseas TBA!

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