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Exclusive Interview with Klay Cartier: Unraveling the Artistry of Klay Cartier

As the music industry constantly evolves, emerging artists continue to captivate audiences with their unique sounds and distinctive storytelling. One such artist making waves in the music scene is the enigmatic Klay Cartier. With the recent release of his electrifying single, ‘Good For Nothin’, Klay Cartier has caught the attention of both fans and critics alike. In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into the mind and music of Klay Cartier, exploring the inspiration behind his cross-genre creations, his journey from self-discovery to artistic expression, and the impact he hopes to have on his listeners.

Klay Cartier has captivated audiences with his enchanting melodies and thought-provoking lyrics. As he celebrates the release of his latest single, ‘Good For Nothin’,’ Klay Cartier invites us into his creative universe to explore the personal journey that fuels his artistry. With an electrifying blend of R&B, Pop, Rock, and Latin influences, Klay Cartier’s music is a testament to his versatility and ingenuity. His ability to seamlessly merge these diverse elements into an enchanting experience is a result of his artistic conviction.

Behind his exceptional talent lies the influence of his mother, who introduced him to a vast array of musical legends, from David Bowie to Michael Jackson. Klay acknowledges this impact, saying, “I don’t think I’d be the artist I am today without her. Those artists were great because of their ingenuity and ability to captivate audiences with their music, that’s something I manifest in my music, to captivate audiences the way they did.”

Klay Cartier’s journey as an artist has been characterized by growth and self-discovery. He shares how he shifted from seeking fame to finding his authentic voice, saying, “In the beginning, I wanted every song to make me famous overnight, but that wasn’t genuine, and people could tell. I vowed to make music that I liked, to do music my way, and that’s when I started to find my footing as an artist, now I know my sound, now I know who Klay Cartier is.”

As his star continues to rise, Klay Cartier envisions a future of growth and exploration, delighting audiences with more music that reflects his authentic self. “I’m very excited about the upcoming years because I get to create more music that gets better and better each time,” he says. “That’s what I’m looking forward to!”.Check out the exclusive interview below.


Congratulations on the release of your new single, ‘Good For Nothin’! Can you tell us about the inspiration behind this cross-genre song and what it means to you?

“When I wrote Good For Nothin’ I knew that I wanted this to sound different than anything I’ve ever done but I still wanted to stay true and play to my strengths. In doing so, I feel like a captured a bit of how my mind actually works, how there’s loudness and chaos then serene and tranquil the next. This song is definitely a representation of me and how I view myself sometimes, brooding and intense and then I can be genuine and pure.”

‘Good For Nothin” reflects a unique blend of various musical influences like R&B, Pop, Rock, and Latin genres. How did you approach the creative process to seamlessly merge these elements into an electrifying experience?

“Blending all those genres together was honestly a collection of indecisiveness that turned into something magnificent and unique. I originally only wanted the first half with just the guitar and percussion but my producer Caleb in Venice said that the audience might get bored with how heavy and brash the combination of those instruments in the first half was, so I remember telling him that I always wanted to sing a song in Spanish and he said bet let’s do it, so we listened to some loops and I found one that just made me wanna pour my heart into it and that’s when Good For Nothin was created.”

Your mother played a significant role in introducing you to diverse genres of music. How has her influence shaped your musical journey, and how does it manifest in your current work?

“I don’t think I’d be the artist I am today had it not been for her introducing me to everything from David Bowie to Michael Jackson to Marvin Gaye to Eric Clapton. I don’t think I’d have the same obsession with music had it not been for her own obsession with music. Those artists were great because of their ingenuity and their ability to captivate audiences with their music, that’s something I manifest in my music, to captivate audiences the way they did.”

In the past, you mentioned shifting from taking yourself too seriously to having fun with your music. Could you elaborate on this transformation and how it impacted your artistic expression?

“In the beginning, I had the intention of every song I created to make me famous and blow up overnight so I started to make music that sounded like the popular songs on the radio and I made music that I thought people would like and in the end, people did not like those songs because they could tell this wasn’t genuine and that it wasn’t really me. So it humbled me and made me not want to make music anymore but on the night I came up with the name ‘Klay Cartier’ I vowed that I’d make music that I liked, that I would do music my way and to me, that’s when I started to find my footing as an artist, now I know my sound, now I know who Klay Cartier is.” 

The Midwest has a rich musical heritage. How has growing up in Kansas City, Missouri, and being born in East St. Louis, Illinois, influenced your sound and style as an artist?

“East St. Louis, Illinois showed me how to find beauty in even the worst situations, it made me an avid optimist which is helpful because as an artist not everything goes the way you wanted it to and not every song goes the way you heard it in your head. So a little bit of optimism can be the greatest tool. Kansas City, Missouri molded me into the artist I am today, I really don’t think I’d ever be Klay Cartier without Kansas City, the experiences and the atmosphere breeds a foundation for potential greatness. Both cities helped me adopt this soft, airy soothing singing style or the spoken word poetry style melodies.”

You’ve gained recognition and support from various tastemaker publications. How do you handle both positive and constructive feedback, and how does it influence your future work?

“I take it all with grace and appreciation, I look at the positive and constructive feedback as a navigation to me becoming the artist I know I can be. As far as influencing my work it definitely helps me stay authentic while also taking and experimenting. You never know what people like until you put it out there, and whether publications praised it or trashed it, it brought attention to the song, and someone out there is gonna listen to the song and hopefully be inspired.” 

Your voice has been described as smooth and passionate, and your lyrics often tell captivating stories. How important is it for you to connect with your audience through your music, and what kind of impact do you hope to have on your listeners?

“For me connecting to the audience is all it’s about. I remember listening to a song that described everything I felt but could never quite put into words and I knew that’s the kind of music I wanted to make, something that is genuine, passionate and takes you to a place where your imagination can illustrate what’s happening in the song. I’ve had listeners reach out and tell me how my music has helped them or that it’s made their day better, and to me, it means the world because I used to think no one would ever like or love my music. I hope the impact I have on my listeners is to appreciate life and the lessons that come with it, one day you’re looking back and laughing at the things that used to make you cry.” 

You’ve mentioned artists like Drake, Michael Jackson, Jeff Buckley, and Stevie Wonder as some of your influences. How do these iconic musicians inspire you, and what elements from their artistry do you try to incorporate into your own?

Those artists are the reason I’m so comfortable being vulnerable and open in my music, they’ve shared their pain, joy, and love into music and they’ve shifted the sound of music for each generation. I try to emulate their ingenuity, their fearlessness when it came to taking chances with their sound and the catchiness of their melodies. The kind that gets stuck in your head for hours and hours. 

Your music has been compared to that of Childish Gambino, Cimo Fränkel, and Frank Ocean. How does it feel to be associated with such acclaimed artists, and how do you distinguish your unique style from theirs?

When I first saw the comparison I was in absolute awe because these are artists who I’ve looked up to for years and spent days binge-listening to their work. To be in the same sentence as them blows my mind and makes me feel incredibly honored and reassured that I’ve leveled up as an artist. While they do inspire me, I make sure not to imitate and instead make myself stand out. Taking those chances to blend multiple genres into one, going from dark and somber lyrics to singing in Spanish. My style is a risk taker, go big or go home kind of style. 

As an emerging artist on the rise, how do you envision your music and career evolving in the coming years?

I’m very excited about the upcoming years because I get to create more music that gets better and better each time. I love how the audience can not just see but hear the growth. That’s what I’m looking forward to! 

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