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Exclusive Interview With Clara Park

In an exclusive interview with Spinex Musicfast rising multi-talented American songstress Clara talks about her new single “Tryna Be Mine”, her personal life and her music career in general.

Clara has remained consistent with her music career as she has released couple of songs to her credit this year..The Nashville -based songstress and songwriter is a huge talent who can straddle genres.She has eschewed the normal route and kept working and writing at her regular pace and has just released her new single, dubbed ‘Tryna Be Mine”’ on the heels of her previous stand-out single, ‘In Control’ .Check out the interview beneath and be sure to stream “Tryna Be Mine” below.


1. ​Can you briefly introduce yourself and how you first got into music?

My name is Clara Park and I am a songwriter and artist from Charleston, South Carolina! I am now based in Nashville, TN and have been writing here for four years now. I got my start writing country music, since that’s what I grew up on in Charleston. Around the age of 13, I started taking writing and performing more seriously and by the end of high school I knew this is what I wanted to do. Over the past year and a half, I transitioned into the pop world as an artist! 

2. What inspired your new single ‘Tryna Be Mine?

 This song was inspired by a relationship I was in not too long ago. The guy I was with put up a front in every room he was in, always acting like somebody different. I wrote this with Autumn Buysee and Tony Chetta from that perspective, and that was how this song was born!

3. What has been the most challenging aspect of your current releases?

The business side. I am my own manager essentially, so all of the business tasks are things I have to make time for. The goal is to one day surround myself with a team to help with these tasks so I can focus on being creative.

 4. What does the kind of music you make say about your personality?

I want my listeners to feel like they really know me after listening to my music. I try to be as honest as I can with my lyrics, while still giving a fun and upbeat vibe. I think that is also how I want fans to view me as a person, not just my music.

 5. Who are your top five favorite Artists of all time? Why those artists?

Lennon Stella, Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars, and Sasha Sloan. These artists are my top favorites because of how unique they all are. They all have such a different perspective when they write, and it really shines through their songs. I love how all of these artists have created a song for every mood a person goes through as well, I think that is really important for an artist to convey to their listeners.

 6. What is the biggest challenge you have encountered in your musical career? 

The biggest challenge has probably been managing myself while trying to be creative! It’s hard to keep up with both if I’m being honest, but definitely rewarding in the end. 

7. How do you balance your music career with your personal life?

 I make sure to plan my schedule ahead of time so that I can carve out time to write and record, but also to hang out with my friends and family.

 8. Who are your musical influences in the music industry? And who would like to collaborate with if given the opportunity?

Emily Weisband has definitely been the biggest influence over the past four years. Her writing is outstanding, and she takes risks as an artist. She would definitely be my dream collaborator. 

9. On a scale of 1-10 how would you rate your previous single “In control” with “Tryna be mine”?

“In Control” was the first song I wrote that was pop, so I have grown a lot since then. I would rate that one about a 7 compared to this one! Tony Chetta produced both songs, and we have really grown together in this process.  

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