Exclusive Interview With Beth Crowley

Having successfully released “The Witcher” Inspired single “In The End” American singer and songwriter Beth Crowley, has returned to share some useful insight about the cinematic single “In The End”, which was based on Netflix’s hit series The Witcher..

“In The End”, the latest single and video from Beth Crowley takes us on a magical journey through a powerful relationship. Beginning in a dark, witchy room and weaving through luxurious outdoor scenery, the tragic love story unfolding is accompanied by cello and violin, blending seamlessly with Crowley’s haunting vocals. Beth brings us back in time to castles, magic, and forbidden love. The two characters of this story are so entangled in each other that they will come back for more, and their love will “burn until there’s nothing left”.

Apart from sharing useful insights about her latest single, Beth Crowley equally talked about her personality and her journey into music. Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “In The End” beneath.


Briefly introduce yourself with an explicit explanation of how you got into music?

My name is Beth Crowley and I am a singer-songwriter out of the Atlanta area. I have always loved music and started writing songs when I was in high school. About ten years ago, I began putting my original music on YouTube and have been writing and releasing music ever since.

 What’s the rationale behind the chosen title “In the end” for your latest single? 

I chose the title “In The End” for my most recent single because I loved the finality of it. It just feels very ominous that the person is predicting the relationship will ultimately implode, like it doesn’t give much room for other alternatives.

How has your journey into the music industry been so far.Is it encouraging or  discouraging from your own point of view?

The music industry is incredibly tough. It is so competitive and it feels like if you aren’t constantly putting out something new that people will lose interest in you. But on the other hand, I am able to make music for a living as an independent artist in a way that I never would have before the internet, so I am so grateful that it gives me the opportunity to connect with people around the world.

You currently have over 366,000 Spotify monthly listeners and over 25 million streams.  With these stats do you think that you are getting the necessary attention needed as an  upcoming artist?

I am definitely proud of my streaming numbers when it comes to Spotify especially. It still blows me away that there are that many people listening to my music and that my songs have been played that many times. I just hope that I will continue to see those numbers grow because it means that my music is reaching more people.

If given the opportunity to change a regrettable past mistake what would you change?

I know it sounds cliché, but I don’t know that there are any mistakes that I would go back and fix when it comes to my music because I think I have learned from all of them. I’ve been able to come away with valuable knowledge from the times that I failed, and I think it has made me a better businesswoman.

As an upcoming Artist what drives your daily motivation to get yourself to the apex of  your music career? I think the biggest driving factor for any artist has to be loving what you do. It is so easy to get too focused on the career side of things and lose the passion for the music. Obviously I want to be successful, but ultimately I love making music and that is the most important thing.

From a general perspective, what does “In the end” speak about your personality?

“In The End” combines all of the theatrics and drama that I love to incorporate into my music. I really want people to be able to visualize the songs, and for me a great string section, intense drums, and poignant lyrics are what makes someone be able to picture the song.

A boatload of music is released everyday by different artists. What are you doing in  your own capacity to stand out from the rest?

It is really challenging to try and stand out when so much music is constantly being put out, but I just try to stay focused on what I am doing and be authentic with the songs that I write.

You first gained recognition on Youtube through the inspiration that you had from comedic group Axis of Awesome .How would you describe the impact of this in your  career?

My “Greatest Song Ever Written” Axis of Awesome parody was the launching point of my career that I certainly never anticipated. I wasn’t even trying to go viral or anything when I put it out- I was just trying to find the easiest way to share a video with my friends and family. I would like to think that people were able to pick up on the fact that I wasn’t going into it with the intention of going viral and maybe that added to the charm of it. Whatever it was that made people click on it, I am glad they did because I wouldn’t be doing this today if it weren’t for that video.

What are some of your musical objectives for the rest of the year. Do you have any new  music project or shows that is forthcoming anytime soon?

I have new single releases coming in September, October, and December and have no plans of slowing down in 2022!


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