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Exclusive Interview With Ashey Anne

Ashley, an aspiring country music artist based in Nashville, has recently released a captivating song titled “Get Well Soon.” This empowering anthem aims to uplift individuals who have faced bullying or mistreatment. With her complex and mesmerizing lyrics, Ashley offers a unique perspective by addressing both the bullies and the bullied. Drawing from her own experiences of insecurity and pain, she weaves a narrative that emphasizes the importance of kindness and the profound impact it can have.

“Get Well Soon” carries significant weight in a society where bullying continues to be a prevalent issue. Exploring an exclusive story behind the song allows for a deeper understanding of Ashley’s creative process, the inspiration that fueled her lyrics, and the intended impact on her audience. With the private listening link provided, readers can immerse themselves in the song’s powerful message, truly experiencing the transformative nature of Ashley’s musical expression.

Ashley’s release of “Get Well Soon” showcases her commitment to using music as a platform for change. Through her profound lyrics, mesmerizing vocals, and genuine empathy, she empowers individuals who have experienced bullying, highlighting the importance of kindness and compassion. As Ashley continues to make her mark on the country music scene, her ability to connect with audiences and deliver impactful messages will undoubtedly solidify her position as a rising star. “Get Well Soon” stands as a testament to her artistry and her unwavering dedication to making a positive difference in the lives of others.

In this exclusive interview, Ashley shares the inspiration behind the song and provides a deeper insight into her creative process. By exploring the emotional journey that led to the creation of “Get Well Soon,” readers can gain a greater understanding of the song’s profound impact and the empathy it evokes.


Congratulations on your upcoming release, “Get Well Soon”! Could you tell us more about the inspiration behind the song and what motivated you to write it?

The inspiration behind the song was me being called out for something I was insecure about, it’s about being bullied and being treated poorly. I was motivated to reach people who had also been bullied, to empower them and tell them they are not alone. 

“Get Well Soon” is described as a song that empowers people to stand up against bullies or people who have done them wrong. Can you share how the concept for the song came about and why it was important for you to address this topic?

No one in country music has really written about bullying, let alone in a comical, ironic way. I thought it had to be done due to how common it is. 

You mentioned that you wanted to write a song for both the bullies and those who have been bullied. How did you approach incorporating both perspectives into the lyrics and the overall message of the song?

I think it is all hidden in the comedy of the song. If I were to have taken a more serious route, it probably would have been a lot more blunt and harsh. I think the fact that it is a sillier song, it can be taken into different perspectives for sure. 

Your lyrics are often described as complex and memorizing. Could you elaborate on how you crafted the lyrics for “Get Well Soon” to effectively convey the message of empowerment and kindness?


As cliche as it sounds, there is not much science behind it. I genuinely just word vomit onto a piece of paper and make songs. I take pride in how real I am, how I do not fabricate real emotions nor stray away from them, and I think that is why my lyrics are considered complex. They are not generic, they are raw. 

Your haunting vocals and unique songwriting abilities are said to play a significant role in “Get Well Soon.” How do you believe these aspects enhance the impact and emotional depth of the song?

I think with where we took the song vocally, it is just simply empowering. I feel empowered with the voice I have, and I wanted to showcase my upper range unlike I had ever done yet. 

Bullying continues to be a prevalent issue, not just in your country’s music community but also in society as a whole. What are your hopes for “Get Well Soon” in terms of raising awareness and making a positive difference in addressing this issue?

I hope that people listen to it and realize that they are not alone, and that just like a song plays and ends, life experiences such as bullying also play out and end at some point. I may be young but I have seen and experienced a lot, so I like to be an outlet for younger people or maybe just less experienced people. 

You mentioned that you experienced immense pain when you were called out for something you were insecure about, which led you to write this song. How did this personal experience influence the creation of “Get Well Soon,” and what message do you hope to convey to others who have faced similar situations?

I always say good things come out of darkness, it is kind of the epitome of my life. If it were not for those few tears shed due to cruel words, this song would not have happened; and what a blessing this song has already been. I hope people who are maybe also experiencing this have hope through my song that it won’t last forever and it is just simply another speed bump in life that you will get over. 

TikTok has played a significant role in your career, and your previous single, “Dear Dolly,” gained over one million collective streams. How has the platform contributed to your success, and how do you plan to leverage it for the release of “Get Well Soon”?

Dear Dolly was a whole lot of luck and a whole lot of God’s work. I put a lot of effort and time into creating content, but the rest was not in my hands. That song blowing up on Tik Tok is what started my career, so I am thankful, but taking that and running with it for this release has definitely been difficult after having been used to so much attention on that app. 

As you’re currently based in Nashville, a city renowned for its country music scene, how has the city and its musical environment influenced your artistic growth and style?

It has had a tremendous impact on my songwriting mostly. Moving here shed light on the idea that my life had so much potential to be beautiful, and with that came fun, happy, beautiful songs. I spent a lot of my childhood writing sad songs to help me cope. But now, I find joy in writing songs that make me feel genuinely good. 

Finally, what can your fans and listeners expect from Ashley Anne in the future? Do you have any upcoming projects or goals that you’re excited about?

For sure! One thing fans can ALWAYS expect is consistent music and originals I post on my social media, I am writing 1-2 songs everyday and I have so much I wish to share, it is just a matter of time! I have a project coming up within the next month hopefully. I am so excited to see what the future holds! 

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