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Exclusive Interview With Alison Ogden

Having successfully released her long-awaited single dubbed ‘loving me’ fast rising RnB/Pop vocalist, Alison Ogden, made it to our daily interview where the multi-talented songstress fielded questions from us concerning her new single, upcoming projects and her music career in general.

However, Alison creates beautiful music that guides her listeners through stories embellished by her own signature sass.Musically Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, and Amy Winehouse; Alison spends most of her time writing music.

Be that as it may, her new single ‘loving me‘ is available for streaming in all major music platform.Alison Ogden, is an artiste that you all need to watch out for as she has loads of music projects coming your soon.Check out the interview and be sure to stream and share ‘loving me’ beneath.

Stream “Loving Me” By Alison Ogden Below

In your words, “Loving Me”, is your favorite amongst the songs you have created thus far. What is so spectacular about “Loving Me” in your opinion, and why is it your favorite?

When writing “Loving Me”, every word and melody came out so naturally. I knew in that moment it was special. Of course I love and appreciate every song I have written, for the art they are, but “Loving Me” is the most applicable to my current life and I knew my audience would gravitate toward it.  

What inspired your new single, “Loving Me”?

Long story short, “Loving Me” was inspired by a collection of my experiences with guys. Everyone can be a sucker for a little validation from time to time, and this single is about every time I’ve led on a guy for that very reason.  

You started making music at a very young age. What initially drew you into the music industry?

As an infant/toddler my parents played classical music to help me sleep, so I would assume that had a ton of influence on my early interests. Once I started to speak, I started singing along to everything within earshot, and at the right bold age of two I told my mom I would grow up to be a Pop Star! Some of my mom’s favorite artists are some of my biggest influences, so I credit much of my love for music to her. 

You participated in choir through grade-school and college, and have performed at events such as, “Disney’s Candlelight Processional” at Epcot in Orlando, Florida. How have these experiences helped to shape your career?

Being involved in the performing arts and choir for as many years as I have been has impacted me in countless ways. I am very thankful for the knowledge classical training has provided me with. Performing in circumstances such as these has also given me so many opportunities to grow as a performer, and getting to sing alongside Jodi Benson in Walt Disney World was a dream comes true! 

Some of your biggest musical inspirations include Whitney Houston, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, and Queen. How have these great artists influenced your sound and style of music over the years?

The powerhouse vocals of these artists definitely impacted my tone, in addition to the style of music I gravitate toward writing and performing. I am a strong believer that part of being an artist is putting on an unforgettable show, and these artists are to credit for that.  

Performing at The Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. has always been one of your goals. If given the opportunity, which would, you like to perform with?

My dream duet partner is of course the late Whitney Houston, but if I had to pick anyone to perform with today it would be Miley Cyrus. Seeing her perform at the Verizon Center is one of my favorite memories, and she is truly an incredible performer. I will never be able to forget her flying around the stadium on a Harley! 

What do you enjoy doing in your free time?

I am very into health and wellness, so when I am not singing or working on new music I tend to spend a lot of time exercising, cooking, and meditating. Every morning, I start my day by practicing gratefulness, and it is extremely helpful in keeping a positive headspace. 

What is next for you? Are you releasing any EP or album soon?

Currently, I have a few different projects in the works that I am stoked about. Without giving too many secrets away, I can tell you that a new single and EP are on their way sooner than you think! 

What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is definitely pasta of any kind. Recently, my friends and I have been trying out a ton of new recipes and they are irresistible! 

Do you have any weaknesses that you’re actively working to improve on?

No one is perfect, including me, and I work every day to become the most positive, loving, productive version of myself that I can be. That is all you can do in this world.

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