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Ellen Arthur Blyth – Nine

Dublin-based singer songwriter Ellen Arthur Blyth is set to release the title track of her upcoming debut album ‘Nine’ this March. The cinematic pop track follows on from Ellen’s recent release ‘Young Ones’, which garnered support from acclaimed publications such as Hotpress and Nialler9. Ellen shares the meaning behind the upcoming single ‘Nine’:

“Nine is about self doubt, the ongoing internal dialogue in your head that can keep you stuck. For me it’s about realising it’s always there and I need to live my life alongside it. I think in doing that there’s real freedom.”

The track was recorded as part of her upcoming debut album ‘Nine’ in Hell Fire Studios, Dublin and produced by Alex Borwick, head engineer at the famed Grouse Lodge studios in Ireland. The music video for the track is a Hitchcock-inspired video and was shot in The Sally Gap in Co. Wicklow on a beautiful day in February. Directed by Rob Blyth, shot by Martin Osborne and starring Alexandra Moloney and Ellen Arthur Blyth.



Born in Dublin, the youngest of nine, in a house where the one who shouted loudest ate most, Ellen learned early how to sing for her supper. Dragged out of bed, dusted down, slung into a polyester frock, her early forays into musical performance consisted of pitch perfect renditions of Any Dream Will Do to family friends. But as success followed the clan, friends turned to ambassadors, heads of state, Hollywood actors and other visiting dignitaries passing through. Aged 9, she woke her father and told him she was going to be a famous singer and would buy him a racehorse. He told her to go back to bed. At 16 she made the live finals of Ireland’s ‘You’re a Star’ but lost her voice. Her early adult life was spent serenading drunk punters in a city buried in snow, before finally, she fell through a drunken crevasse. After reaching bottom, she started to climb back out and rediscover her voice. 

Studying in Brighton at BIMM (British and Irish Modern Music Institute), she passed with distinction and was singled out as one to watch. For a sprinkling of years, she fronted a nine-piece until she realised she’d re-created her family. In perfect irony she landed a role in a low-budget Indie film about a young singer who comes to Brighton to find her voice. She penned the title song, won best actor at festivals in Milan and Los Angeles (Women’s Independent) and was told to pursue acting. She didn’t. Her band split up. Instead, she came home, focussed on dispelling her demons and blanketed herself in a hand-me-down, sale item of domestic obscurity, popping her head above the covers now and again to sing a song here, do a collaboration there. 

Finally, nine years into recovery, she began to write her own music. And nine songs later, Ellen Arthur Blyth and ‘Nine’ were born. Her first studio album, ‘Nine’ is an infusion of pop, indie and jazz. 

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