Eliyanah Release New Single – Somebody Else

Eliyanah Release New Single – Somebody Else.Alt-pop artist Eliyanah’s latest raw and cathartic offering, Somebody Else, delves into what it’s like to handle the painful end of a long-term relationship as well as adapting to life after it. Soft grooving percussion echoes through nostalgic keys, angelic vocals, ethereal harmonies and bouncing basslines, as she blends the very best of indie, pop, alternative and electronic elements.

“The song explores the complicated and painful twists of navigating a long-term relationship’s end, as well as confronting yourself in its wake.” Eliyanah shares

The song was co-written with Eliyanah’s brother Simon Woodley as well as musician Ben Scott (Tom Walker, Mahalia, Ed Sheeran). Eliyanah then worked alongside producer Hugh Fothergill and mastering engineer James Birt to bring the track to life, Eliyanah succeeds at creating a nostalgic and introspective track that resonates with all who listen.

Eliyanah Release New Single – Somebody Else

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