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EEETEE Shares New Single ‘Lootin’

Florida-based rapper EEETEE releases his latest sure-fire Hip-Hop offering ‘Lootin’ alongside Young WonD3rr, Boomer Booski & RLN Lil Banga.

Born and raised in Miami but now residing in Florida, EEETEE is a rapper on a mission to bring a fresh sound straight from the south to the music scene. This emerging talent has been rapping for the majority of his life, expressing raw emotions and life experiences through the power of lyricism. He now returns with another striking single ‘Lootin’ showcasing that he’s an artist on the rise.


Focusing on the lifestyle of people from different hoods with the same mindsets, ‘Lootin’ features Young WonD3rr from Palm Beach, Boomer Booski from Indiana and RLN Lil Banga – EEETEE’s aim was to bring some of the most talented people he has met in his life altogether to make a track that would reach hip-hop fans and listeners alike. 
Fueled by dark synths, delicate melodies and a powerful bassline, ‘Lootin’ is an undeniably captivating hip-hop affair that is elevated by EEETEE’s witty and slick bars which capture the ambiguous zone between confidence and excellence.

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