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Connor Angels Releases New Single Cyberluv<3

Connor Angels Releases New Single Cyberluv<3 – Rising artist/producer Connor Angels has debuted his new single, “cyberluv<3”. Having built up an impressive résumé as a producer, Connor is stepping out from behind the scenes as an artist in his own right. Co-produced by Connor alongside Mvgnolia, “cyberluv<3” was mastered by Million Dollar Snare (Summer Walker, Roddy Ricch, J. Cole) and follows Connor’s first two singles earlier this year. And with almost 100,000 streams across the two releases, the DIY independent artist looks set to continue his impressive rise with “cyberluv<3”.

Having been interested in music production since high school, where he started playing guitar and using GarageBand, Connor showcases his full range of talents on “cyberluv<3”, with the track highlighting not only his polished production skills but also his penmanship and knack for addictive hooks and irresistible melodies. “Life behind a screen / It’s nothin’ what it seems”, he sings on the catchy hook, which references the differences between real life and life portrayed through social media.

Speaking more on the release, Connor says, “‘cyberluv<3’ is about how everything on social media is very synthetic. Things are not what they always appear. Very rarely do you see someone portray sadness, and never do you see individuals look their worst. It’s all a highlight showcase of a person’s life, and that’s okay, but we should remember that imperfection is necessary. The song also suggests that I prefer real intimate love than cyber love. It’s easy to receive internet love when all you do is look your best and share your best moments. Sometimes I just wonder – if the world was blind, how many people would you impress?”

A musician at the top of his game who can do it all, it’s clear Connor Angels has an exciting future ahead of him as a singer, songwriter and producer, making him an artist to watch out for in 2021 and beyond. And with a growing list of production credits for other musicians and more new music of his own cued up for release, it’ll be exciting to hear what’s next from this hugely talented artist. “cyberluv<3” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://distrokid.com/



Connor Angels is an artist, producer and audio engineer from Delaware. As well as producing for other musicians, he’s taken the plunge into the YouTube community, producing music for content creators as prominent as ZHC – the biggest art YouTuber. He has also worked on music for Netflix (Ginny & Georgia). 

The half Japanese producer currently resides in Los Angeles, and now at the age of 24, he is ready to step from behind the scenes as a producer into an artist in his own right. He’s off to a fantastic start too, with almost 100,000 streams across his first two releases, and new single “cyberluv<3”, which is out now on all platforms, looks set to continue his momentum and elevate him to even greater heights.

Connor Angels Shares New Single “cyberluv
Connor Angels Shares New Single “cyberluv<3”

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