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Coleo Releases Hot New Single, Been Trying

Montreal based urban artist Coleo may still be at the beginning of his musical career, but he’s certainly making a good impression. Delivering a message of encouragement and motivation to anyone who wants to accomplish something in their life, Coleo feels like the type of role model you’d love your future kids to look up to.

Coming from a Haitian family background whilst growing up in Canada, Coleo grew up listening to North American hip-hop and R&B music, and it’s safe to say that his music is diverse. Known for his melodic signature flows and playful lyricism, Coleo weaves through areas of rap and hip-hop unlike any other artist. 

Explaining the meaning behind the powerful new release “Been Trying”, Coleo shares, “Been Trying talks about the hunger that I have to succeed in the industry and the fact that despite the distractions that I might have had in the past, I’m coming back heavy with fresh new music. Nevertheless, ‘Been Trying” stands for distractions that have ‘been trying’ to knock me down in vain.”

Produced by CJ Ame in a home studio in Trois-Rivières during the 2020 lockdown, the collaboration meant it was time for both musicians to focus on creating music as a distraction. Musically, the track is highly energetic and motivational – aka everything you need from new artists right now. Speaking volumes to people needing a serotonin boost, ‘Been Trying’ champions growth and finding your feet in a hectic industry. 

Wanting to firmly put Montreal on the map, Coleo shares, “I think the city of Montreal is full of talented people, whether it’s in music or fashion or any other form of art. I firmly think that it deserves to be put on the map and I want to actively contribute to make it happen.”


Coleo - Been Trying


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