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Ches Anthony Releases Acoustic Version of Smash Single “Rain”

Country riser Ches Anthony releases acoustic version of hit single “Rain.” The single is out now on all digital streaming platforms.

Country music has already told us how “rain makes corn and corn makes whiskey,” but in Ches Anderson’s “Rain,” we get a better insight into what the rain truly means to a farmer’s success. “Rain” is an upbeat country-pop anthem that presents a mix of impressive vocals and a forward-moving drumline. Through a catchy chorus filled with Ches’s falsetto, riffs, and drum fills, Anthony gives us a hopeful song of the early fall.
“Rain” expresses how precipitation is the true determiner of successful crop life on a farm, and how without it can affect so much. Yet, as the chorus explains, rain “isn’t luck, it’s trust.” These lyrics resonate not only with having faith as a farmer but in whatever you desire in your own life as well. 

Ches Anthony Releases Acoustic Version of Smash Single “Rain”

Whatever your “rain” is, Ches is reminding you that rain can’t be created without the hard work behind it.

Ches’ acoustic version of this single brings the genuine feel of the song to the forefront, with Ches’ vocal being the star of the show. Through his lyrics, “Hard work is all it takes. Putting in hard work till dusk… just need a little rain,” he displays a deep connection and trust between farmer and earth.

The acoustic guitars pair with sparse drums and an ever-present sound of rainfall. The peaceful production accentuates the emotional lyrics of the song. We also get to see a softer, more vulnerable side of Anthony’s vocals. His trademark gruff and grit is toned down and used in specific moments to really emphasize the lyrics. Rain is representative of everything important in his life: Family, his livelihood, his entire life. A beautiful new spin on the already amazing song. 

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