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We had the prerogative to interview fast rising singer-songwriter, Vimbai-Rose, whose latest EP, 'Silva Lining,' has been making waves in the music scene. In this exclusive interview, Vimbai-Rose opens up about the inspiration behind her EP, the creative process behind her standout tracks, and the profound messages she hopes to convey to her listeners. Vimbai-Rose
Congratulations are in order for Lisa on the release of her latest EP, "Foretaste." This musical endeavor, characterized by a delightful fusion of genres, promises a unique listening experience. We had the opportunity to dive into Lisa's creative world and gain insights into the inspiration behind the EP, her growth as an artist, and the
Congratulations are in order as we embark on a fascinating conversation with N'naya, the creative force behind the recently launched debut EP, 'African Moodscape.' In this enriching interview, we unravel the intricate tapestry of N'naya's journey, from academic excellence to the pulsating beats of Afrobeats. With gratitude for the well-wishes, N'naya reflects on the unexpected
Meet Maniche Bennett, a singer with a story that blends different kinds of music with powerful messages. We caught up with her to talk about her latest song, "I am a Conqueror," and learn more about her musical journey. Maniche wrote "I am a Conqueror" during a tough time in her life when she felt