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Brenda Cay Releases Lyric Video For Her Latest Single – Talk About Nothing

Nashville recording artist & country singer-songwriter Brenda Cay releases a stunning lyric video for her new single “Talk About Nothing“.


“My husband and I laugh because we have the same conversation every day about what we want to eat and I told him, “There’s no-one else I’d rather talk about nothing with.” That was the inspiration for my new single, “Talk About Nothing.” It’s about being with that special someone that you are just so comfortable around that you can talk about anything – even those mundane things that add up to nothing. The chorus is playful and sexy with a twist. “When we turn out the lights and kiss, he’s the one I want to talk about nothing with.” – Brenda Cay

Brenda Cay’s newest lyric video for her song “Talk About Nothing” allows you to follow along with her charming lyrics while seeing true love in all different forms. With Cay’s lyrics that speak about how simple things like cheering on their favorite football team or cuddling up on the couch is love in her eyes, we get to see this perspective through many different couples. The video is filled with short clips of couples of all ages, races, and demographics showing honest intimacy. Through Cay’s video for “Talk About Nothing” we’re reminded that whether we’re gazing into our partners eyes, doing something you love together, or just laughing, love has many forms, and is more simple than we often think.

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