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Beth Crowley Takes Listeners on a Heartbreaking Journey in her Latest Single “Not Like This”

Beth Crowley is back with another hit single full of her signature soulful lyrics and cinematic production in “Not Like This.” The song takes the listener on a heartbreaking journey through the mind and focuses on a love that’s not all Crowley wanted it to be, despite her hopes and dreams.

Beth is a master when it comes to lyrics. The chorus brings the instant heartbreak with the lines, “When you’re trying to lose yourself, and I may as well be someone else, it would be easy to just give in, I’ve thought of it, but not like this.” When you’ve dreamt of love and you’re with the right person at the wrong time, it’s hard to hold yourself back from the hope that something will change. Deep down, Crowley knows the truth: falling in love only works if it has pure intentions.


Musically, this song takes the upsetting theme and brings an upbeat twist with pop vocals, drum hits, and catchy melodies. The instruments perfectly complement Beth’s smooth voice, creating the ideal heartbreak ballad that can still get you on your feet.

“I wanted to play with the idea of when you get something you want but not how you wanted it. I put it in the context of a scenario where the person singing has the opportunity to be with the person she has feelings for but not under the circumstances she would have chosen.” – Beth Crowley

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