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Azariel Fly ft Bla -oxytocin

Easily one of the strongest tracks of the year, ‘oxytocin’ is the perfect soundtrack to summer. The latest offering from Azariel Fly takes listeners through a journey of emotions. Bringing pure euphoria to the table and expressing that love truly is beautiful, this enchanting release is certainly the serotonin boost we all need. Teaming up with BLA on the sensational new anthem, ‘oxytocin’ is a playful hip-hop track with layers of character.

Sharing his thoughts on the track, Azariel Fly states, “oxytocin is a song that brings a pure, joyous vibe to anyone’s day. I want to make people dance and in the song, it expresses the sensations and “emotions humans will feel when they’re experiencing that love & joy.”

Championed by A&R Factory and Spotify playlists such as Rap Caviar and New Hits, Azariel Fly’s ‘oxytocin’ infuses the musical world of afro-beat, pop, hip-hop and R&B together to create a tasty experience. A strong performer that walks through life with his head held high, Azariel Fly’s mission is to continue creating artistic music and making his dreams reality.


“oxytocin” features hard-hitting afro drums, ethereal piano lines, sine-notes, 808s and is heavily inspired by Cruel Santino, Bakar, Lancey Foux and Drake. Atmospheric and bathed in energy, this collaboration is sent straight from the heavens.

If you think Azariel Fly’s talent is just music, think again! Armed with passion for videography and photography, Azariel has been part of both these industry for over seven years and has been building up a powerful reputation. Effortless and armed with endless , Azariel Fly deserves to be playing in an arena, on a line up with his heroes.

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