Alyssa Joseph -“Curled Toes”

Following the success of her “alive” EP, indie-rock singer Alyssa Joseph drops the final lyric video of the installment for her song “sadboy”. With equal parts sarcasm and honesty, “sadboy” is a cheeky nod to Joseph’s past relationships and to the familiar situations we find ourselves in while navigating the modern dating scene. “It’s less about one particular guy- and more so a general look at my dating history,” Joseph explains. “There’s this cycle of guys you meet out there and ‘sadboy’ is a tongue-in-cheek examination of the expectation vs. reality of them all. Writing this song helped me realize a lesson we all need to learn- we don’t actually want the sadboy. We just like the idea of them.”

Like all of Alyssa Joseph’s videos, the lyric video for “sadboy” is fun and creative, and reflects the tone of the song. The video, with its hand-drawn silhouettes, look like something out of an early 2000’s indie movie, probably starring Michael Cera or Zooey Deschanel. But just like the song, the lyric video is cheeky and poking fun of that cute indie romance that everyone longs for at some point in their lives. At the end of the video, the silhouette of the girl is alone, signifying that while the relationship with this type of boy might look appealing, it almost never ends well. 

Alyssa Joseph is a thriving singer-songwriter based in Nashville, Tennessee. She has toured through Texas and up and down the Northeast, playing at Sofar Sound shows in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, and Louisville. Her recent EP– titled “alive” and released on June 4th, 2021– received wide acclaim from local and national press, including Guitar Girl Magazine, Music Crowns, Broadway World, and a five-out-of-five star review on Square One Magazine. She is an advocate for body positivity and creating a more diverse and inclusive space within the music industry. With her final installment of lyric videos from her “alive” EP, Alyssa Joseph proves herself once again to be a creative mastermind, an artist with a sense of humor that is also able to be real and vulnerable. 


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