L’S810 Shares New Album – Requiem Of A Black Man

US rapper L’S810 has unveiled his new album, Requiem Of A Black Man. The project tells a tale of traveling to a parallel universe and returning with a higher consciousness. It hears the Flint, Michigan rapper having communication with himself in these parallel universes as he begins to have a stronger grasp on life. Armed with production from ConnorChillOut, Wahyo and Tumbo, L’S810 (alongside featured artists such as Joey Cool, Jon Connor and Messo) delivers his best and most candid project to date. 

Speaking further on the release, L’S810 says, “Requiem Of A Black Man is a collection of songs made after my higher awakening. This album represents my new found freedom in life and music. It also marks my path and gives understanding to my future. It’s a new beginning.”

The project is led by new single “Better Than”, a mellow hip-hop track that highlights L’S810’s impressive lyricism and smooth cadence, as well as the stunning vocals of featured artist Holli. “‘Better Than’ represents one of my better sides”, says L’S810. “It also reflects my true nature at heart, although I’ve never expressed them like this on a song before. It’s definitely one of my most personal records.” Elsewhere on the project, L’S810 showcases his versatility with tracks such as “Extended Pressure” (feat. Joey Cool), which hears the two rappers going back and forth over a gritty, hard-hitting beat, proving L’S810 can excel in more than one hip-hop style.

Alongside his MCing, L’S810 also produces and engineers. And with hundreds of thousands of streams to his name already, it’s clear this DIY independent musician is one to pay close attention to. “Better Than” and the rest of Requiem Of A Black Man are available to buy/stream now on all platforms: https://hypeddit.com/fdgj7z

L’S810 Shares New Album - Requiem Of A Black Man
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