Karine Hannah 80s EP Revives And Revamps Your Favorite Hits

Karine Hannah’s 80’s EP is a reimagination of timeless classics. Hannah’s versions of your favorite songs will take you by surprise and change your listening experience. Her slower versions of typically fast paced tracks remind us to take a pause during our busy lives. 

The fourth track on the EP is a cover of “Maneater” by Hall and Oates. She takes this fun and upbeat classic and turns it into a completely different style, a ballad. The song starts very slow and it stays that way throughout which is a big contrast to the original. The sweet piano fills your ear canals as well as Karine intentional vocal cracks. A cover that will truly give chills down your back.  

Hannah’s cover of “Holding Out for a Hero” by Bonnie Tyler absolutely delivers. Her vocals and the gentle piano accompaniment cast you into a sea of emotions that will have all your memories flashing before your eyes. Or, maybe it just makes you think of Kevin Bacon’s dance scene in Footloose in slow motion. Either way, it gets your thoughts going. 

All of Hannah’s covers bring a new feel to these 80’s classics.

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