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Ewoof Shares New Album – ‘A Mask Of Solitude’

The remarkable new EP entitled ‘A Mask Of Solitude,’ is just as vividly intriguing as its unique title – Ewoof takes the listener on an enthralling journey traversing an in depth range of powerful emotions & moods. Setting out with the intention of demonstrating his ‘potential’ to the world, Ewoof released ‘A Mask Of Solitude,’ as just a so called ‘sneak peak’ into what he truly has planned for us despite the EP itself being an incredible stand alone release.

Although this is Ewoof’s first attempt at a mini album, the quality is unmatched with each song on the 9-track masterpiece flaunting a different aspect of Ewoof’s distinct sound; ‘No More,’ is a thought provoking soundscape of interwoven acoustic & electronic timbres and the EP’s only feature is on the song ‘Too Loud ft. Bee-Z,’ which is a rich fusion of powerful, emotively vocal performances alongside an airy, magical instrumental in which the listener can escape in the crevices of this gorgeous masterpiece. With this being an impressively solo project with which Ewoof was writer, recorder & producer, his intent with the EP were to ‘make a cohesive mini album, an experience, not a playlist of songs and is to show a sneak peak of a project I am working on,’ – a truly unmissable masterpiece. 

Ewoof is a multifaceted master of the music industry whose skills as a producer and artist are almost tangible. Having been engrossed by the fascinating world of music since the age of just 8, Einstein (AKA Ewoof) is a multi instrumentalist who specializes in the piano, guitar, drums and trumpet yet it was at age 11, through iconic group Pentatonix,  he discovered the magic and power of arguably the most important instrument – the voice! His obsession with the human voice led him into the relatively unknown community of beatboxers and spent 3 years learning the art of beatboxing.

Following his highschool graduation, Ewoof went on to study electrical engineering in the US and it was here in freshman year he uncovered the art of music production and managed to gain a following of 8000 followers with 30,000 plays on BandlabEinstein was hooked on the ideal of everything he created being his own work following in the footsteps in some of his biggest inspirations Tame Impala & Tyler The Creator – after spending a year in GermanyEinstein earned the title Ewoof which consequently stuck as his unique artist name.

Despite initially just being a producer, Ewoof was pushed to add vocals to a beat he had produced and, from there, the rest is history – the subsequent music video, which took 6 months in production, marked the start of his releasing career and garnered a deservedly positive response. With his initial stamp being already firmly placed on the industry, Ewoof’s audience are captivated by this promising young talent and wait in raw anticipation to see what he has planned.

‘A Mask Of Solitude’ is the provoking new EP from Ewoof dealing with the theme of isolation

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