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New EP: A Little Bit of Change By Joshua Red Uttech

A Little Bit of Change by Joshua Red Uttech  is officially out. Joshua Red Uttech is back with a heart-wrenching EP. This newest body of work also utilizes the name “A Little Bit of Change” and follows the progression of an ending relationship and the personal growth that Uttech must face in the process. This EP draws on elements of the classic acoustic sound that Uttech brings with every song while also implementing hints of harder rock and even pop. And with every song, Josh brings us back to his roots with sounds reminiscent of Chris Cornell and Willie Nelson. 

A Little Bit of Change” progresses through Uttech’s stages of grief as he initially feels the power of such an overwhelming breakup and moves forward while still being reminded of the memories he once shared with this person. The opening track, “I Love You,” is essentially a love letter drawing on every part of the person he loved and why he loved them. As it moves into “Pain Measurement” a realization is made that this relationship truly is over with melancholic lines such as “what about when you lose a love” and “oh, the love we leave in end.”

And as listeners move through the rest of this EP with songs like “Can’t Let Go” and “Your Face,” it will seem as though this heartbreak for unrequited love is endless. It is not until the near end of the EP, that Uttech gives us hope for new days with his uplifting anthem “New Days Dawning.”

To end off this brilliant string of songs, Uttech hits us with a remix for his 2019 hit “Lost Girl.” This track is a complete gear shift from the previous songs but in the best way possible. After the teary-eyed journey that “A Little Bit of Change” brought us through, this song is upbeat and driving with heavy elements of pop. While the lyrical content is in line with the heartbreak Joshua has faced, it feels like a step in the right direction to moving on and accepting the change in his life. And although with heartbreak comes a little bit of change, sometimes this is the change we need to grow and become the people we are meant to be.


A Little Bit of Change By Joshua Red
A Little Bit of Change By Joshua Red
A Little Bit of Change By Joshua Red Uttech | Learn More

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