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Zachary Lee Releases New Song – Once Upon A Time

Zachary Lee Releases New Song – Once Upon A Time: Singer/Songwriter, Pop artist Zachary Lee releases new single “Once Upon A Time”. The song is now available on all streaming platforms.

Zachary Lee’s newest single “Once Upon A Time” is a perfect combination of nostalgic Disney references with the modern pop twist. Claiming he’s “a sucker for fairytales” Lee’s lyrics prove he’s for the “true love’s kiss” type of love.

He references movies such as Snow White, Peter Pan, and Frozen, splicing in lyrics from Hercules, Lee does a magical job of bringing our childlike ears to life. Not only are the lyrics cleverly addressed, but are set to upbeat instrumentals that help bring the song to life. Similar to Lin Manuel Miranda, Lee finds a balance between rapping and singing, layered over Electronic Pop music. Whether you’ve found your queen, are currently melting for the one you love, or are riding a carpet alone, Lee’s “Once Upon A Time” is a breath of fresh air.

Zachary Lee Releases New Song – Once Upon A Time


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