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Watch Lil Baby’s Performance At Grammy Awards

American rapper and songwriter Lil Baby has conveyed an amazing explanation about police mercilessness with his presentation of “The Bigger Picture” at the 63rd Annual Grammy awards ceremony that highlighted appearances from Kendrick Sampson, Killer Mike and Tamika Mallory

However, Lil Baby was nominated for two Grammy honors, but didn’t win in any of the categories.Lil baby’s performance at the 63rd Annual Grammy awards ceremony was opened with Sampson being pulled over by two white police officers who shot him as he ran away.His performance had an intro from James Baldwin.

“My performance is important to me and I had to make sure it was right. Nominations aside, actually performing ‘The Bigger Picture’ means the most to me,” said Baby. “I paint pictures with my songs and wanted the performance to bring that picture to life. Just like with the song, this performance had to reflect the real. No sugar-coating. My family, my fans and my city know who I do this for.” said Lil Baby.

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