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Vvs1 Ft Marno Soprano – El Fuego

Vvs1 is has released his new Reggaeton single ‘El Fuego’ Featuring Marno Soprano under his own imprint DNA Records. Part of the UK chart topping Garage collective ‘So Solid Crew’ under the name Trigga which has seen the Cypriot front man tour extensively across the UK and Europe. 

From a family of jewellers (Melekkis Jewellery) who design and make exclusive bespoke jewellery for high-profile clients including Lisa Maffia, Megaman, Face, Mac. Vvs1 denotes the highest clarity grade given to diamonds, a fitting term for an artist that imbues a standard of quality in everything he touches. Now, Vvs1 looks to use the clarity and the sparkle of diamonds with the ‘fire,’ blending genres as well as languages (English, Greek and Spanish) in the new single ‘El Fuego’ ft Marno Soprano mixed and mastered by C4 with the beat being produced by Black Rose.

The track features up and coming London artist Marno Soprano who recently performed on Tim Westwood TV and Vvs1 brings two generations of artists together creating something fresh and unique. The track is backed by an infectious Reggaeton beat with an arabian flute taking on the lead line, this interesting mix of elements is further added to with Vvs1’s flowing vocals which sees him executing 5 different styles of flow advancing  the energetic nature of the track showcased visually throughout the music video. Filmed at Camden’s Shaka Zulu, the video features sword wielding belly dancers and fire tamers. The perfect backdrop for Vvs1 to bring the heat with his legendary ability to get people up and dancing. 

Last year, after a trip to Mount Athos, a very spiritual place in Greece and living in a monastery for a few days, Vvs1 had a revelation. It was here where he  started giving shape to his new music project spawning the whole idea behind his unique sound. Vvs1 says “We’re all getting bored of the same sounding tracks with the same kind of street vibe & flow all talking negativity. Our message is all about the positive vibes and making people dance to a beat that they can actually feel.”

Vvs1 has also set up his own record label ‘DNA Records’ now back after releasing his first solo single in December 2020 ‘NEVA FLIP’,  along with its follow-up just 2 weeks later ‘WWG1WGA’, Vvs1 is quickly becoming known for his ability to inject positivity throughout his tracks along with being able to mix and diverge across multiple genres to create his own unique sound.  

With two new singles due for release by May 2021, featuring some of the most exciting talent coming out of the UK right now, along with El Fuego’s official UK and Cypriot launch parties in March and appearances at Future Movements Festival, 2021 is looking to be a big year for Vvs1. Follow his socials for the latest updates. 

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