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The Showcase Event Is Changing The Dynamics Of Live Concerts.

In today’s entertainment industry, talent alone is not enough. As such, artists are constantly honing their skills and putting a lot of effort into building fan bases at live events. The first edition of The Showcase aims to give these talents a global stage and invites fans to an evening of great music and live engagement. This whole idea has caught the attention of music lovers, creatives, and tech giants, Twitter Nigeria, as they show their support for the event through its features and amplification.

The Showcase team has created seamless opportunities for music lovers and talented people, divided into different stages. The event is a win-win opportunity as we create a system and platform through our partner ticket company, Ekhie.com. This partnership allows music artists to perform at The Showcase and retain 100% of ticket sales revenue, with no deductions from team members or companies. The theme of the event is “The world is watching.” This is a result of the global focus on the music industry and culture over the past decade.


This ecosystem will not only fund talent, but will also offer fans exclusive access to talent and a new experience of getting first-hand experience by exploring new spaces with them. increase. The event, which will be held at the Bayroot Bar and Lounge on November 18th, marks the beginning of building a sustainable ecosystem. Eshio Joseph Oghanyan, visionary of The Showcase, said:

Music lovers are in for a night of new experiences as Chocolate City’s favorites like Major AJ, Tar1q, Musiq Bank, Brown Joel, Beekay, Jordanstyls, Angelika Belle, Jomanie, Eljay, Amakarh, YungAce, Manuel Muzic, Psyyy, Gee6ixx, 5th and more. Excited to see the artist. Zez, Cill, Bvsh Baby. will be thrilling fans. The Showcase changes the way fans adapt to new music and opens up new markets for talent. At each live event, talent comes into contact with the world.

The showcase event is changing the dynamics of live concerts.

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