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Ryan Brown Takes Listeners on a Musical “Carousel” with New Single

Singer-songwriter Ryan Brown has released her latest single, “Carousel,” a lively and metaphorical tune that compares relationships to the whirlwind experience of riding a carousel. The track captures the initial excitement and rush of emotions that come with entering a new relationship, followed by the inevitable ups and downs that occur when two lives become intertwined. With a touch of vulnerability, Ryan addresses her past naivety in relationships, expressing her hopes for a love that can break the cycle. Despite the challenges faced, she remains optimistic, singing, “Someday I’ll find someone and we’ll ride this carousel.”

Originally from Marlton, NJ, Ryan’s musical journey has been influenced by her work with the unfinished songs of the late Christina Grimmie, an immensely talented artist. Ryan finds solace in knowing that Christina’s legacy will continue through her own music. Reflecting on her roots, Ryan acknowledges the impact of her hometown, connecting her to the Grimmie family and providing her with the opportunity to collaborate with them. She expresses gratitude for her upbringing and the experiences she has gained along the way.

Ryan has showcased her talent at numerous events, including The Sound Mind Network Music Festival, where she performed alongside renowned artists such as Kevin Bacon and Michael Bacon of the Bacon Brothers, Johnny Showcase from America’s Got Talent, and viral TikTok musicians Cory Singer and ElectraQueens. Additionally, she has performed the National Anthem for sports teams like the Baltimore Ravens, the Baltimore Orioles, and the Cincinnati Reds. Ryan is set to perform the Anthem for the Boston Red Sox on July 9th.

Despite her young age of 17, Ryan exhibits wisdom beyond her years, writing authentically about the highs and lows of teenage life. Drawing inspiration from personal experiences, she tells stories that resonate with audiences. In “Carousel,” Ryan’s descriptive and poignant lyrics paint vivid pictures while conveying raw emotions. The single embodies the essence of classic pop with its upbeat tempo, beautiful production, and catchy melodies.

With her sincere and honest approach to songwriting, Ryan Brown evokes comparisons to artists like Olivia Rodrigo, whose debut album “Sour” captured the essence of raw emotion. “Carousel” showcases Ryan’s ability to merge meaningful lyrics with an infectious pop sound, resulting in a powerful and eloquent single. As her musical journey unfolds, Ryan’s talent and authenticity continue to shine, making her an artist to watch in the industry.

Ryan Brown Takes Listeners on a Musical “Carousel” with New Single
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