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Ross Alan Releases New Single – Homesick

Ross Alan Releases New Single – Homesick: Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Ross Alan has released a new single titled ‘Homesick’ as the first track of their forthcoming EP, ‘Revelation’. The single has already started gaining popularity among music enthusiasts, with its unique blend of ambiance, pop, and country sounds. The song features acoustic guitar, synth, drums, pro tools, and vocals, all of which have been used effectively to create an enthralling listening experience.

The track, ‘Homesick’ has been written by Ross Alan themselves and is about feeling homesick even when surrounded by familiar surroundings. The lyrics are relatable and capture the emotions of many people who may have never felt at home before. Ross Alan wrote the song on an acoustic guitar and then sent it as a vocal demo to their producer in New York. Along with the demo, they also sent a playlist of songs that they wanted to sonically emulate. After receiving the demo, the producer made the instrumental and Ross Alan fine-tuned it, recorded the vocals and sent everything back to the producer for mixing and mastering until it was perfected.

‘Homesick’ is an excellent representation of Ross Alan’s unique musical style that combines various genres into a single track. The single is expected to turn many heads in Ross Alan’s direction and has already generated a lot of buzz among fans and critics alike.

The upcoming EP, ‘Revelation’ is expected to be a collection of five unique tracks that will showcase Ross Alan’s versatility and talent as a singer-songwriter. Fans of Ross Alan are eagerly anticipating the release of the full EP.

In conclusion, Ross Alan’s latest offering, ‘Homesick’ is an enthralling track that showcases the singer-songwriter’s unique blend of ambience, pop, and country sounds. The track is relatable, emotional and is sure to connect with many listeners. As the first track of their forthcoming EP ‘Revelation’, the single has generated a lot of buzz and anticipation among fans and critics alike. Ross Alan is definitely an artist to watch out for in the coming months.


Ross Alan is an LA based, glitter-covered, non-binary pop experience. Described as “undeniable pop with catchy melodies, deep velvety vocals and lyrics that hook into its listeners,” they discovered the most inspired version of themselves in music and made it their home. Their newest singles ‘Blue Skies’ and ‘Control’ are a departure from their recent radio pop sound and brings them into a new refreshing realm of acoustic sentimentality.

They’ve been working for the last decade releasing music and working with producers like Chris Young (known for his work with Christina Aguilera) while performing at venues such as Pete’s Candy Store (NYC), Davenport’s (Chicago), as well as Hotel Café and Whisky A Go Go (Los Angeles).

This self-identified #BalladQueen is set to release their brand-new EP titled, Revelation, due out April 28, 2023 (produced by Jamie McCardle of ‘olderbrother’ and Ivan Fiallos-Zambrano, known for his work with Jason Derulo).

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