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Richard Orofino – Fake Me

Richard Orofino – Fake Me – Richard Orofino is a Brooklyn based singer-songwriter, producer and an inspiration for many for a man of his age. An already decorated artist and a sought after writer, he has already collaborated with a diverse group of artists in NY, LA, Nashville and London including Jasper Leak (Sia), Michael Tighe (Jeff Buckley), Kennedy (BØRNS), Mike Irish (X Ambassadors) Rob Persaud and Rami Jrade. This stemmed from discovering the art of production in 2013, and since then has fused his musically enhanced mind across all aspects of being a modern day ‘singer-songwriter plus’ offering.

Continuing the countless success he has made for himself so far ‘Fake Me’ is Richard Orofino’s latest dark pop masterpiece. Switching between all moods of new wave pop, with a trippy autotuned vocal to enter the track that is quickly becoming a signature musical move of Richard’s. It’s moody and experimental, but with an attitude and direction that can only be admired. 80s synths and 808’s fill the track and encapsulate that angsty mood that Orofino has created with such an ease, with an extra mixture of drum samples sitting underneath his
swooning vocal.

Richard has incorporated not only a genre bending style spanning from multiple influences, but he has also incorporated an artistic vision, look and feel for his releases so far. He brings the ideology of inseparable love,
painful romance and the beauty within the darkness to his music, which we can all find in the bleakest of times.
It’s emotional and stunning, and Richard Orofino is still only just getting started.

Describing the meaning behind ‘Fake Me’, Orofino explains:
“Fake me is about your own doppelganger. The self-punishing evil twin that constantly tries to convince you that what you believe to be truthful about yourself, is wrong. I live in this dilemma a lot, where I have some sort of issue involving myself and then decide to confide in myself only to find I’m my own biggest enemy.

This self-doubting twin of mine who lives in my head, always tries to tell me to do things for other people. “Give other people what they want, and you will find yourself in a successful position.” Rather than creating and working on something that I most definitely love and feels personal, be that image of what you expect other people to respond to.”

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