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Patrice Peris Releases Trailerized Version of “I Will Survive”

When you think of the disco classic “I Will Survive, ” strong lyrics may not have been the first thing that you noticed, but when singer/songwriter Patrice Peris was looking to “trailerize” a cover song, she couldn’t help but be drawn to the power of the lyrics. “As an artist, I have always loved to write more in-depth lyrics with an up-tempo fun track. When I was exploring which song I wanted to cover next this one popped in my head and I thought, heck why not showcase some of the key components of the song and really highlight the power and an aspect of drama behind them.”   

To help bring this “new” side of her out, Peris teamed up with producer Audiostation (credits include placements on “Temptation Island” and “The Titan Games”) to really take the song to a whole new level.  

“I have always loved dramatic music and when I got into the sync world I found a whole new world I was excited to dive into,” says Patrice about discovering the Cinematic/Trailer genre. “There is a whole technique and approach to trailer music I just love. It is looked at as three acts and each must be bigger than the last, really fabulous.”      

Stay tuned for more releases as Peris is geared up for new songs every three weeks and be sure to check out this preview of the song!

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