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Patrice Peris Releases New Single, “Surging On”

American singer and songwriter Patrice Peris, is back with a new single titled “Surging On”.Patrice teamed up yet again with the talented Audiostation to bring this Pop/Cinematic beauty to life. It is bound to hit hard like the previous tracks.

“Life can throw you a lot of curveballs and it is all how you handle them that determines your happiness”, says Peris. “Some songs are a struggle and others easy, for ‘Surging On’ it was the latter of the two. This song, to me, embodies strength through the struggle and the power of continuing to move forward.”

“We rise we fall 
We lose it all
We brave the storm 
To taste the calm 
And we go surging on”

These are a few of the lyrics in Patrice’s latest single “Surging On.”

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