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New Video: French Montana feat. Swae Lee — Wish U Well

Moroccan-American rapper French Montana has once again graced the music world with his latest release, the official video for “Wish U Well,” a collaborative track featuring American rapper Swae Lee. The song, co-written by Nigerian singer Lojay, has taken on a unique dimension with its captivating music video, which was shot in the picturesque coastal community of Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria. This artistic endeavor not only underscores the global nature of modern music but also highlights the power of cultural fusion and collaboration.

“Wish U Well” is a testament to the diverse influences that shape contemporary music. French Montana, known for his versatile style and ability to effortlessly blend different genres, teamed up with Swae Lee, one-half of the famous duo Rae Sremmurd, to deliver a track that seamlessly fuses hip-hop and R&B elements. The addition of Nigerian singer Lojay’s songwriting prowess brings an extra layer of creativity to the song, bridging cultures and musical traditions.

What truly sets “Wish U Well” apart is its music video, which serves as a visual representation of the song’s global essence. The decision to film in the coastal community of Makoko, located in Lagos, Nigeria, offers a unique backdrop that beautifully complements the song’s message. Makoko is a community built on stilts above the water, often referred to as the “Venice of Africa.” The stunning visuals of the village against the backdrop of serene waters create an aesthetic that perfectly aligns with the track’s vibe.

The video takes viewers on a journey through the vibrant streets of Makoko, showcasing the community’s rich culture, colors, and daily life. From bustling markets to lively dance performances, the video encapsulates the spirit of the place and its people, celebrating their resilience and creativity. Through this visual storytelling, French Montana and his collaborators pay homage to the authenticity and beauty of Nigerian culture, offering a global audience a window into an often underrepresented corner of the world.

In an era where music transcends borders more than ever before, “Wish U Well” is a prime example of the positive outcomes that arise from cross-cultural collaboration. French Montana’s Moroccan heritage, Swae Lee’s American roots, and Lojay’s Nigerian background all converge to create a sonic and visual masterpiece that resonates with people from various walks of life. This collaboration stands as a testament to the unifying power of music and its ability to foster connections among people of diverse backgrounds.

French Montana’s “Wish U Well” featuring Swae Lee, with songwriting contributions from Nigerian singer Lojay, presents a modern-day musical journey that showcases the fusion of cultures and the celebration of shared experiences. The accompanying music video, filmed in the vibrant community of Makoko in Lagos, Nigeria, adds depth to the song’s message and provides viewers with a glimpse into a world they might not have otherwise encountered. As we continue to witness the global evolution of music, this collaboration stands as a shining example of the harmonious blend of creativity that knows no boundaries.

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