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Musician DJ DEZ 804 Drops New Single “Heater”

Desmond Chapman — a.k.a DJ DEZ 804 has seen it all in the entertainment world and is known for always being around some of the greatest superstars in the game. DJ DEZ is about to start his musical journey, backed by his social media presence. Eager to establish a name for himself in yet another global sector, he just published a new track named “Heater,” which is quickly becoming a smash hit.

Heater” is attracting the attention of some of the industry’s greatest figures, and it’s only a matter of time before his music catches wind in the hip-hop music industry. Keep your eyes peeled for DJ DEZ 804 as a rising artist you won’t want to miss out on.   

Stream DJ DEZ 804’s “Heater” on SoundCloud here.   

Follow DJ DEZ 804 on Instagram here.

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