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Marcus Lee – Just Wish You Cared

An explosion of pure emotion, Marcus Lee is spellbinding on his newest single ‘Just Wish You Cared’, a heartrending tale of unrequited love.

Boasting the same compelling artistry that made the likes of Mumford & Sons household names, Marcus perfects the skill of a powerful crescendo, using soaring strings, plucky guitar riffs and a spirited acoustic rhythm to create the lavish folksy soundscape. His vivacious vocals take the reins, as he pleads to an astray lover for them to realise what is at stake.

The classically trained jazz musician found his passion for performing whilst playing lead trumpet in a local band, before discovering the guitar and folk music. After performing at the Berkeley Star talent show, he met fellow songwriter Sanjeev Suresh, and they went on to co-found Songwriting at Berkeley. This allowed him to network with other young musicians whilst also honing his skills to establish the refined singer-songwriter he is today.

With ‘Just Wish You Cared’ a certified hit for the California artist, Marcus Lee is a one to watch this year.

Elaborating on the melancholy temperament of the lyrics in contrast to the buoyancy of the song, Marcus explains:

“Just Wish You Cared begins as an intimate address from a lover left waiting, but as the narrative progresses the music rises with the intensity of its sentiment. Exploring themes of blissful negligence and finally arriving at a blaring finale of brokenheartedness and betrayal. I wrote this song wailing into the darkness of my hometown after finding myself very suddenly isolated. Endlessly reviewing what had found me in this situation, I arrived on a clear sentiment that felt simple yet comprehensive, ‘I just wish you cared’.”

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