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Lexi Cline – “Martinis in the Clouds”

Lexi Cline makes a positive case for keeping your head in the clouds with her new single, “Martinis in the Clouds” – a left of center anthem for love struck daydreamers everywhere. “This song is for anyone whose ever been with someone who takes them to Cloud 9,”Cline muses. 

“I’m not really known for writing happy songs, so exploring the idea of pure bliss was new territory, but I’m so glad I went there. I wanted something quirky and unconventional to offer a few minutes of uninterrupted, feel-good time.”

“Martinis in the Clouds” redefines luxury with sweet synth and bounce-back bass sprinkled throughout the track’s entirety, and Cline’s certainty adds a subtle swagger to the concept of not playing it cool. “For me, being in love isn’t as much about the end game as it is just enjoying the person who can make you feel boujee in your ball cap,” she concludes. “In other words, it’s not about the destination, it’s about who’s sitting next to you on the flight.”

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