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Kaliib – Famous – Rising rapper, singer, songwriter and producer Kaliib has shared his brand-new single, “Famous”. Although only releasing music since 2018, the Denver-born, Atlanta-raised independent artist has built up an impressive discography over the past few years with frequent releases, such as the brilliant “Toxic” and “Easy”, which have resulted in a growing fanbase. And the DIY musician looks set to increase his momentum even further with this latest release.

Having taken the last few years to build a strong foundation, including co-founding his own record label and production company, New Sound Order (NSO), Kaliib showcases his huge repertoire of talents on “Famous”. The track, which Kaliib co-produced, not only highlights his smooth cadence and ability to rap and sing, and switch between the two styles effortlessly, but also showcases his impressive songwriting and production abilities. With its addictive hook and vivid storytelling, it’s a track that lingers after first listen and leaves a huge impression.

Drawing from his own life experiences, “Famous” talks about minimising outside noise in pursuit of accomplishing dreams – something that most will be able to relate to. Speaking more on the track, Kaliib says, “‘Famous’ is really about putting off distractions in order to focus on achieving your dreams. Although the interaction described in the song really happened, the takeaway should be to not let anything or anyone take your mind off your goals…even if they are drop dead gorgeous.”

A huge talent and creatively at the top of his game, it’s clear from “Famous” that Kaliib is one to watch out for. He’s showing no signs of slowing down anytime soon either and will only increase his stature and presence within the hip-hop scene further over the months to come, with the release of more new music expected. “Famous” is available to buy/stream now on all


Caleb Williams – better known as Kaliib – is an American rapper, singer, songwriter, producer and engineer born in Denver and raised in Atlanta, who is of black, Hispanic and European descent. Outside of his solo music, he is the co-founder of New Sound Order (NSO), a record label and production company. 

Kaliib’s love for music first began as a child when his parents would play everything from Earth, Wind & Fire to Broadway soundtracks and even groups like The B-52’s throughout his childhood. His early rap inspirations included the likes of Jay-Z, Kanye West, and J. Cole, although he admits to being a fan of almost every significant rapper at one point or another. He started writing raps at the age of 16

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