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J Pierce Shares New Single ‘Back To The Essence’

UK-based musical artist J Pierce is carving out a lane for himself with his unique blend of potent raps and enchanting melodies across genres of AfroRnB and Hip Hop. He is hyping up for the release of his highly anticipated six-track extended play, Back To The Essence, on August 24, 2023.

As an emerging talent, J Pierce is ready to serve his most meaningful offering yet in the form of the EP, Back To The Essence, a six-track story of self-discovery and romance, inspired by a two-month trip back home to his native Burundi, East Africa. Not just a musical artist, but also a poet and a model, he is a creative force to watch out for in the second half of 2023 and beyond.

Making, Back To The Essence, has been a joyful exploration of who J Pierce is. The title summarises his experience over the past or so, largely inspired by his trip back home to Burundi; the people he spent time with, the books he read, and soul searching. Ultimately moving away from fear and instead embracing faith. Back to power and love, back to his essence. This is J Pierce’s truth in sound.

ABOUT ‘Back To The Essence’

GATE 7: J Pierce began writing the first verse while he was waiting for the flight at the airport to take him to Kigali, Rwanda, which he would later develop throughout the trip. ‘I hunt the lion like a young Maasai, no avoiding the heat gotta walk through the fire’. This line refers to an old tradition where young tribesmen would hunt and kill lions as a rite of passage, it was the only way to become a Warrior. He believes that everyone has a Lion that they have to kill, not a literal one but maybe in the shape of a bad habit, doubts, or a certain fear. In this verse, he is saying that he is confronting his. Produced by MadeinParris

NOWHERE ELSE: ‘Don’t want nowhere else, cus nothing beats your touch’ spoken in the track as he personifies the country to be a woman whose touch he’s longed for and finally reconnected with. That part of the world has a certain rhythm and vibe, that allows you to breathe easy and you feel as if time itself slows down. The instrumental creates a beautiful landscape, in which the gentle singing and spoken word find home. Produced by K Da Great. 

IMPRESSION: The middle section of the EP are all love songs. One of J Pierce’s favorite books ‘King, Warrior, Magician, Lover’ explores these four archetypes of the masculine psyche. In this song, he is expressing how his muse brings the Lover and Magician energies out of him. This is one of those songs sent from above that wrote themselves, literally in a couple of minutes. He called on fellow Birmingham artist Kea to bless the track. 

RIDER: The steamiest song on the EP, it details the natural development of two people getting to know each other to where they become intimate. There is a slight sonic shift from the rest of the EP, this riddim has a classic hi0p-hop and r&b bounce, only right as the early 2000s is one of his favorite eras of music. Produced by ID Crysis. 

KI’s INTERLUDE: A spoken word to an old flame. Writing this was very cathartic. Produced by Exponenshall 

HIGHER: ‘Work on the internal that’s where it has to begin started a slave transformed to a King’, spoken in the final song on the EP that describes what it was like growing up in Birmingham, and J Pierce’s journey, coming into his own. It touches on love for family and emphasizes a desire to go higher. 


Gate 7 

Nowhere Else 



Ki’s Interlude 



Based in Bermingham, J Pierce entered the music scene in 2020 with his debut single ‘Chosen’ which amassed over 50,000 streams and views. Other notable mentions include his tracks ‘Rider’ and ‘Too Long’ which secured multiple BBC Radio spins. His music is impactful and will captivate audiences with his infectious melodies, heartfelt lyrics, and enchanting vocals. Nowhere Else, is a testament to his music discography.

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