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Interview with Francis On My Mind: A Journey Through Music

In the world of music, the journey of Francis on My Mind is nothing short of extraordinary. Her compositions have graced TV campaigns and become integral parts of popular series soundtracks, all of which have had a profound impact on her career and artistic evolution. We had the pleasure of interviewing this talented artist to delve deeper into her musical journey and her latest single, ‘This Is My Time.’

Reflecting on her exposure in the world of TV and the honor of having her songs featured in series across the globe, Francis shared how these experiences not only boosted her confidence but also allowed her music to reach new horizons. Her track, “Swimming Pools,” featured in “The Summer I Turned Pretty,” garnered nearly 2 million streams in a remarkably short time, demonstrating her growing prominence in the industry.

Francis’s musical journey began at the tender age of nine, embarking on singing lessons in her hometown. Her relentless passion and commitment led her to participate in various competitions, including televised ones. These early experiences not only helped her gain valuable stage experience but also taught her to channel her emotions into constructive aspects, a vital skill in the world of music.

Drawing inspiration from artists like Birdy and Miley Cyrus, Francis on My Mind has masterfully blended heartfelt indie-pop. She explained that the influences of these two remarkable artists have inspired her on multiple levels, sometimes leading to the unintentional fusion of styles in her own compositions. Yet, at the core of her music is a deeply personal touch, as she craft each piece as a narrative, sharing her life’s events and emotions with the world.

Francis’s latest single, “This Is My Time,” carries an uplifting and optimistic message about embracing the present and connecting with one’s inner child. Francis opened up about the personal experiences and emotions that served as the creative impetus behind this anthem. Her recent move to a new city and the challenges of adulthood prompted a deep longing for her childhood. This song is an ode to embracing the inner child within, reminding us all to appreciate the beauty of life.

Francis on My Mind shared her goals and aspirations as an artist. Her desire is for her music to touch people’s souls, leaving a lasting impression that goes beyond just being an artist but rather a 20-year-old with a message to share with the world.Her ultimate dream is to have the world sing along with her on stage, signifying the true success of her journey in music.Check out the interview below and be sure to share your take in in the comment section beneath.

It’s clear that your music has been on an incredible journey, from beingfeatured in TV campaigns to becoming part of soundtracks for popular series.How has this exposure impacted your career and artistic evolution?


I am very grateful for everything that is happening with my project and the fact that I had the honor of having the songs as soundtracks for popular series all over the world restored my confidence in myself. I am very happy that my music gets the chance to expand more and more, as a matter of fact my song, ,,Swimming pools” which is the soundtrack for the series “The summer I turned pretty” reached almost 2 million streams in a very short time.

Your musical journey began at a young age, participating in local talentshows. Can you tell us more about your early experiences with music andhow they shaped your path as a singer-songwriter?

It all started when I was nine years old. I started singing lessons in my hometown where I grew up, and after 6 months of practicing I traveled the country far and wide to participate in various competitions, even televised ones. I spent several hours a day practicing because I really wanted to be the best and make myself heard. Due to the fact that from a young age I started singing in front of the public on stages, I gained experience and it helped me to form as an artist. I learned in time to control my emotions and transform them into constructive ones that will help me in the end.

You’ve mentioned being inspired by artists like Birdy and Miley Cyrus. Howhave these influences influenced your unique blend of heartfelt indie-pop,and how do you infuse your own personality into your music?

Miley’s music incorporates elements of varied styles and genres, including pop, country pop, and rock while Birdy has become known for her piano ballads and her emotional voice.Somehow I found myself in both of them from many points of view, they inspired me a lot and sometimes I wrote involuntarily songs where I mix their styles because I’ve been listening to their music a lot. Besides all this, of course, I infuse my personality into my music by writing about my life, making each piece like a story that describes the events of my life. Music is the only way to transpose my feelings, I use it as a mode of storytelling and I am very happy that I get to do this every day and share my songs with the rest of the world.

Your new single, ‘This Is My Time,’ carries an uplifting and optimistic messageabout embracing the present and one’s inner child. Can you share thepersonal experiences or emotions that led to the creation of this song?

“This is my time” is an anthem about embracing your inner child and this is a very special track for me.I’ve wrote every verse crying and longing for childhood, because I recently moved out and somehow I bumped into adult life which shocked me. I changed the the apartment, the city, the environment and suddenly I found myself alone in Bucharest where I didn’t know anyone and that I had to manage on my own.But somehow I realised that it’s ok to be a child at any age, I just needed to learn how to embrace my inner child and to accept this stage of my life, because life is beautiful and must be lived.

The track has an infectious 80’s beat and a nostalgic feel. What was thecreative process like in terms of crafting the sound and lyrics for ‘This Is MyTime’?

The creative process was a very complex one that took place in Tallinn. I showed the producer some references, most of them had that 80’s beat, because I felt very inspired by the sound of those years .Then together with the writer we made a few toplines and we started writing the lyrics. Before writing the lyrics we had a very emotional conversation while we were walking around the neighborhood where I told him what I was going through and what was hurting me. Everything went so natural and with him I managed to transpose my feelings through this piece.

With your music reaching millions of streams and performances at notableevents, what’s next for Francis on My Mind? Are there any upcoming projectsor collaborations you’d like to share with your audience?

I am very grateful for everything that is happening right now with my project and I have so many ideas on my mind regarding music. The main thing I want to do now is to focus on writing as many songs as possible, because I am working on a album that I’m very excited about. I don’t have much left until the studio becomes my home.

Lastly, could you tell us about your goals and aspirations as an artist? Whatimpact do you hope your music will have on your listeners?

I want my music to reach the souls of people and to remain in their minds not only as an artist, but more like a 20-year-old girl who wants to resonate with the rest of the world through her music, which spreads kindness through art and inspiring people..When I am on stage and the world will sing my songs I will know that I have succeeded.

Interview with Francis On My Mind: A Journey Through Music

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