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New Music: Ignore This Life By Tripoli | MP3

After much anticipation Mexican rock band Tripoli, have released their latest single “Ignore this life”.The newly released single is an Acoustic/Rock song about the struggles of living with someone suffering from a terminal illness, with inspiration from artists like Neil Young but with a more psychedelic feel.

“Ignore this life” takes part of a series that will be published throughout the next few months, all of them inspired by stories of mental health and personal struggle. “Ignore this life” tells the story of a couple after one of them has been diagnosed with a terminal illness, with one of them trying his best to give the other the best life possible in what time they have left together while the other insists on ignoring what’s happening and pretending everything is alright. 

Founded in 2017, Tripoli is a female fronted Band from Ignore This Life Mexico City formed by Misha (Vocals), Jæk (Vocals), Javier (Bass) and Crotter (Drums/Guitar). Inspired by a great variety of artists and genres, which are reflected in their music, they came together because of a love of artists like Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree and Rush. 

Having released their debut self titled album in 2018, which explored themes like war and obsession, Tripoli’s production sadly came to a halt due to the pandemic, until recently when they were finally able to get back together and work on three new songs as well as some other material to be revealed down the line. Given that this past year has represented much struggle for many people around the globe, Tripoli dedicates these songs to all those who have lived some form of struggle during these hard times. 


Ignore This Life By Tripoli
Ignore This Life By Tripoli

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