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Ian Maksin – Amor Renatus (Rebirth Of Love)

Ian Maksin is a cellist, composer, and vocalist who sings in over 30 languages.  He has created his own unique musical Metaverse by blending classical, jazz, and world music and by drawing inspiration from very diverse and eclectic musical sources, taking the listener along on this magical journey beyond space and time. 

AMOR RENATUS (REBIRTH OF LOVE), his brand-new single, will be released along with a music video in advance of his upcoming North American tour and upcoming 12-track album of the same name (slated for release on October 10). This recording is the ideal representation of what Ian Maksin can do: music with veritable healing properties that demonstrates well his passion for his craft and his effortless ability to capture the same boundless energy that he exhibits live on stage.

Speaking on the new single and the forthcoming album, Ian Maksin shares, AMOR RENATUS’’ is a reflection on the tragic ongoing events in Ukraine. It delves deep into the darkest recesses of the human soul, unearthing a myriad of feelings universal to all wars: grief, indignation, fear, and despair. As the journey continues, the music guides the listener through a path to redemption and a spiritual transformation, allowing them to ultimately find peace, comfort, and empowerment.  As artists, we are fortunate to have music as the most powerful means of emotional healing and be able to offer it as medicine for the soul to the listener as well.”

AMOR RENATUS is scored for the cello, enhanced by the use of the loop pedal, and is powerfully transformed into a virtual orchestra by the use of other electronics. The addition of various percussion instruments on several tracks, ranging from the deep, heart-like tones of the Mongolian frame drum to the trance-inducing grooves of the West African djembe, also adds to the magical and state-altering properties of the music of the album. In this album, Maksin has taken his distinct musical language and style to yet another level by drawing musical influence from a variety of sources. These include J.S. Bach, Mozart, Astor Piazzolla, and folk music from different parts of the world from the Middle East to the Balkans.

The album opens with a Prologue which in turn consists of four compositions:  Alis Doloris (Wings of Sorrow) Intro, Alis Doloris, Nostalgia, and In Tenebris (In the Dark) which prepare the listener for the centerpiece of the album – the Requiem. The first and third movements of the latter, Requiem Aeternum and Dies Irae have some recognizable allusions to Mozart’s Requiem, but with an underlying feel of Tango Nuevo and a poignant solo cello part, which at times sounds almost like a guitar solo by Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour

The second movement, Tuba Mirum, starts off with a Middle Eastern drum groove, with the cello solo coming in seemingly sounding like a Balkan trumpet solo, leading to an apocalyptic culmination. The closing movement of the Requiem portion of the album – Lux Aeterna, is merely a serene and solemn milonga, almost reminiscent of Astor Piazzolla. On the back end of the Requiem, there are four more tracks grouped as the EpilogueAmor Renatus (Rebirth of Love) intro, Amor Renatus, Ortus Solis (Sunrise), and Urbs Aurum (City of Gold), which are meant to take the listener back to light and love on a path of spiritual transformation. 



  1. Alis Doloris (Wings of Sorrow) Intro
  2. Alis Doloris (Wings of Sorrow)
  3. Nostalgia
  4. In Tenebris (In the Dark)


  1. Requiem Aeternum
  2. Tuba Mirum
  3. Dies Irae
  4. Lux Aeterna


  1. Amor Renatus (Rebirth of Love) (Intro)
  2. Amor Renatus (Rebirth of Love)
  3. Ortus Solis (Sunrise)


  1. Urbs Aurum (City of Gold)

A portion of the proceeds from the concert tour and album sales will be directed to For Wellbeing a non-profit organization that provides humanitarian aid in the regions of Ukraine most affected by war.  Maksin has been supporting this charitable organization since March 2022 as part of his Cello for Peace tour of over 200 concerts in North America and Europe.

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