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HuneyFire Release Music Video for ‘Too Late For Sorry’

HuneyFire Release Music Video for “Too Late For Sorry”: HuneyFire, the highly talented mother-daughter Afro/Latina country music duo, has just released the captivating music video for their current single, “Too Late For Sorry.” This powerful and passionate clip, produced by Chris Samuelson and filmed in Edmonton, Canada, is set to premiere on The Country Network on June 19. Watch the video here.

“Too Late For Sorry” is a soul-stirring composition that explores themes of remorse, missed opportunities, and the pain that comes with regret. HuneyFire’s heartfelt delivery and vocal harmony bring raw emotion to the lyrics, creating a powerful connection with listeners. The song’s poignant narrative and relatable message resonate deeply, touching the hearts of those who have experienced similar sentiments.

The music video for “Too Late For Sorry” amplifies the song’s emotional impact. Filmed against the backdrop of Edmonton, Canada, the video takes viewers on a visual journey that mirrors the heartfelt storytelling of the track. Through evocative imagery and a captivating narrative, the video brings the song’s themes to life, showcasing the heartache and longing depicted in the lyrics.

HuneyFire’s release of the music video for “Too Late For Sorry” marks a significant milestone for the talented mother-daughter duo. With their Afro/Latina heritage and unique country music style, HuneyFire continues to make waves and leave an indelible impression on the industry. The emotional depth conveyed in their performance, combined with the visually striking music video, creates a powerful and memorable experience for fans. As their forthcoming album approaches, HuneyFire solidifies their position as rising stars within the country music landscape. Don’t miss the premiere of “Too Late For Sorry” on The Country Network, and allow yourself to be moved by the heartfelt journey of this extraordinary mother-daughter duo.

For those who are unable to catch the initial premiere, the music video for “Too Late For Sorry” will have subsequent airings on The Country Network. Mark your calendars with the following dates and times to ensure you don’t miss the chance to experience the captivating visual interpretation of HuneyFire’s poignant single:

  • TCN air dates and times for the week of June 19-23:
  • Mon 06/19/2023 7:40am
  • Mon 06/19/2023 1:46pm
  • Tue 06/20/2023 9:06am
  • Tue 06/20/2023 4:31pm
  • Wed 06/21/2023 6:34am
  • Wed 06/21/2023 12:06pm
  • Thu 06/22/2023 8:32am
  • Thu 06/22/2023 2:14pm
  • Fri 06/23/2023 5:07pm
  • Fri 06/23/2023 11:39pm
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HuneyFire Release Music Video for ‘Too Late For Sorry’
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