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HuneyFire – Breaking Necks (Remix)

Mother-daughter Afro/Latina country duo, HuneyFire, are turning heads fast with the release of their hot new single, “Breaking Necks (Remix).” The song is available at all major digital outlets at this link

“Breaking Necks (Remix)” is the follow-up to the group’s recent power ballad, “Too Late For Sorry,” which won critical acclaim from legendary MusicRow scribe, Robert K. Oermann. The accompanying music video was added to The Country Network and was recently voted #4 in Taste of Country’s Top 10 Country Videos of the Week. Their previous single, “Manswer,” garnered media attention for the duo from Color Me Country with Rissi Palmer, Taste of Country, Spinex Music, Change the Conversation, and others.

“Breaking Necks” was originally released as a single by Huneyfire in March of 2022. Due to increased fan demand for the song, the duo has added dynamic Nashville fiddle player Caitlin Evanson to the track (her performance credits include tours with Taylor Swift and Kelsea Ballerini), and they are excited to release this newly remixed version. The song was written by HuneyFire’s Cheaza Figueroa and Marriana Nevarez-Barlow, along with Jason Pennock. It was recorded at Skeleton Key Recording Studio, co-produced by Figueroa and Pennock, engineered by Bobby Ferrari and mixed by Jesse Daw. The rocking track features standout lead and harmony vocals from Figueroa and Nevarez-Barlow, steel guitar by Eddie Dunlap, lead guitar by Jesse Sliger, and banjo by Wanda Vick Burchfield, with additional programming by Pennock.

“’Breaking Necks’ is a powerful song that tells the story of a woman who exudes confidence and self-assured beauty. As she steps out into the world, her presence commands attention, drawing the gaze of all who cross her path,” says Figueroa and Nevarez-Barlow. “The lyrics capture the essence of her magnetic allure, as men find themselves captivated by her mesmerizing charm. The song’s narrative beautifully weaves together themes of self-love and acceptance, portraying the woman as someone who fully embraces her worth and authenticity. With each stride, she embodies the freedom to be herself unapologetically, leaving a trail of admiration in her wake. ‘Breaking Necks’ is an anthem of empowerment, celebrating the beauty that radiates from within and the strength that comes from embracing one’s true self.”

The fast head-turning allure of this woman is best captured in these fun tongue-in-cheek lyrics: 

“I see their eyes begin to creep…

As they’re slowly passing me…

They’re thinking they won’t turn around, then I hear the sound…

I’m breakin’ necks, oh yeah, yeah! Breaking necks, and I love the sound!”


The legacy of HuneyFire’s family musical history courses through their bloodlines. Mother, Cheaza, grew up following in the footsteps of a big-time show business entertainer. Her mother, Stonye Figueroa aka Barbara Cook, was an integral part of the legendary Ikette’s, the electrifying backing vocalists and dancers for The Ike and Tina Turner Revue. Among other dizzying career accolades, she was a part of the group’s powerhouse historic performance of “Proud Mary” captured in their debut appearance on ‘The Ed Sullivan Show.’

Daughter, Marri, also claims musical royalty in her bloodline; her father, Alfred Nevarez, is a founding member of the pop vocal group, All-4-One, best known for their mega-hits, “I Swear,” “So Much in Love” and “I Can Love You Like That.”

The duo began singing together in 2011 and founded HuneyFire in March of 2021. They recently completed writing and recording their debut English album, with a bonus Spanish track, which is set to release in Fall 2023.They are currently recording a Spanish EP to pay tribute to both of their cultures and backgrounds.

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