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Gregor McEwan – Summer Breeze

Gregor McEwan – Summer Breeze- McEwan is a unique brand of singer-songwriter who approaches his now honed craft in a fun-filled and playful manner that is infectious in every way. An accomplished artist, he has released several albums and become a figurehead in his homeland of Germany, touring around the country with his heartfelt yet upbeat dosage of acoustic indie pop.

Moving with the times, Gregor came up with the notion to write a body of work reflecting on each of the four seasons in the year, his latest excerpt being ‘Summer Breeze’. Just like the weather, Gregor has channeled his energy into making the lead and title track from the EP just as warm and wonderful as that sunshine on your face on a hot summer day. ‘Summer Breeze’ is pure emotion and melancholy at its absolute finest, and you can feel the joy and energy in Gregor’s vocals. Accompanied by a wonderful female vocal throughout to
provide that perfect balance, the track is effortlessly chilled and radiant with spirit and enthusiasm which will inundate the listeners with happiness and positivity.

Gregor McEwan also possesses a charisma in his vocal performance that is unmatched and ever present in the whole EP, alongside the hook ridden electric guitars and soothing organs, it’s a perfectly presented collection of sunshine-y pop that you simply cannot ignore. This Berliner-by-choice is certainly an artist that will be soundtracking you Summer, with a one of a kind sound that travels far and wide.


Talking about ‘Summer Breeze’, Gregor explains:
“Summer Breeze is a happy-go-lucky Indie Pop summer tune. Maybe it kinda sounds like The Kooks meets Ash meets The Beach Boys…”

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