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Greg Amici – New Single “Jennifer”

Greg Amici, the multi-talented musician, writer and actor from New Jersey, is back with a cover of Bert Sommer’s single, “Jennifer”. It’s the follow up to his single, “Remedy” from his forthcoming LP Tragicomic.

The players on “Jennifer” include Greg Amici (lead vocals), James Mastro (acoustic & electric guitars, bass, mellotron), Tommy Aboussleman (acoustic guitar), Joe August Gentile (backing vocals), Renee LoBlue (backing vocals) and Ray Ketchem (drums, percussion) 

Amici says he decided to cover, “Jennifer” because of the story behind Bert Sommer and the brilliant, somewhat impromptu performance he gave of this song at Woodstock. 

“Bert Sommer seemed to be on his way to stardom”, said Amici “he was young, incredibly good-looking and had a wonderful tenor voice. He then had a run of bad luck in the music business. It began when he was cut from the Woodstock movie because he was on a the “wrong label.” Amici continues, “his live version of “Jennifer” at Woodstock is fantastic, but, like Bert, relatively unknown.”

Amici says regarding the song, “Jennifer”, “It is a love song dedicated to Jennifer Warren, Sommer’s former performing partner in the Hair musical. The sweet, gentle lyrics are not something I would normally come up with, but I loved singing them. Overall, I think we did a great job (producer Mastro, in particular) in updating and dramatizing this beautiful song.”

“Jennifer” was produced by James Mastro (The Bongos, Mott the Hoople, Patti Smith, The Jayhawks) at Magic Door Recording (Montclair, NJ).

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  1. Judy steiner says

    This should be a number 1 hit

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