Francis Tural – Hold Back Your Tears

Francis Tural – Hold Back Your Tears – A true force to be reckoned with, pop singer-songwriter Fracis Tural bursts back onto the scene with his debut single ‘Hold Back Your Tears’, dropping August 13th. Francis creates powerful material that genuinely connects to his listeners, largely due to the dedication, conviction, and commitment that can be heard in every word he sings. Drawing influence from the likes of The Weeknd, Dua Lipa and Bruno Mars, Francis Tural is one to watch out for.


Francis Tural is the moniker for 22-year-old Francesco Fasanella. Born in Florence IT, now living in London, the young singer-songwriter and music producer began his musical journey as a teenager whilst living in Florence. He started writing lyrics and singing on YouTube beats created by others but soon recognized that he wanted to create something more unique. It was then that he dived into the world of music production at just 16-years-old. After seven years of music production and singing, Francis decided to move to London to study at the Abbey Road Institute and simultaneously to develop his artist career path.

Returning with ‘Hold Back our Tears’, Francis showcases irresistible rhythms to catchy, bittersweet hooks and driving synth lines. The end result is pop music with a gritty edge, the perfect array of loveable melodies with a tinge of heightened emotion.

Speaking more on the upcoming release, Francis explains:

I wanted to develop a song that was a real anthem of energy, with high bpm and fast drum and bass sequencing in order to make people move. The whole writing process has been a quick flow of consciousness (it took me more or less 2 days to create the song from start to finish).

The theme behind it’s pretty simple and has two main articulation; a darker envelope of the theme in the verses and a brighter one in the choruses, in order to create that juxtaposition that leads to an explosion of energy in the choruses.

Francis looks to 2021 with positive energy as it’s set to be a huge year for the singer-songwriter. With his sights set on the stratosphere and ‘Hold Back Your Tears’ set to drop on August 13th, we’re expecting big things from Francis this year.

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