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Exploring the Artistry of Waymi: An Exclusive Interview

In the world of music, there are artists who create songs, and then there are those who craft heartfelt stories through their melodies and lyrics. Waymi falls firmly into the latter category. With his debut single, “Calling,” he has burst onto the music scene, captivating audiences with his unique blend of Afropop and dance elements, all while pouring his heart and soul into every note.

But Waymi’s musical journey is more than just the release of a remarkable song. It’s a tale of inspiration drawn from his personal experiences, a story of love and devotion that fuels his creativity, and a dedication to staying true to himself in an industry that often demands conformity.

In this exclusive interview, we delve deep into the world of Waymi, learning about the true-life love story that powered “Calling,” his creative process, and the significance of the saxophone in his music. We explore the influences that have shaped his distinctive sound.

Waymi’s journey is a testament to the power of following one’s passion and staying authentic in a world that constantly evolves. Join us as we step into the world of Waymi, a rising star in the music industry who is set to make a lasting impact with his music, one heartfelt note at a time.Check out the interview below and be sure to stream “Calling afterwards” afterwards.

Waymi, congratulations on the release of your debut single, “Calling.” Can you share the inspiration behind this heartfelt track and the true-life love story that powered it?

Thank you Spinex Music for this opportunity. The true life story behind Calling. It’s an inspiration I got from my present relationship. She is my special one, my wife that brightening up my world. I decided to shower encomium and praises to Cherie Coco. 

“Calling” has a distinct and emotional lyrical expression. How did you go about crafting the lyrics for the song? Were there specific experiences or emotions that influenced your writing?

It’s was very easy to craft the lyrics of Calling. It was a direct expression from my heart. I poured out what I was feeling for my special one into the lyrics. 

You mentioned that much of “Calling” was recorded in your own home. Can you tell us about the creative process and any challenges you faced while working on the track?

The creative process was smooth, as soon as anything comes to mind, I recorded instantly, but my only challenge recording in the house is my son intruding into my studio room. He love music like I do, so actually don’t see it as a challenge. 

One of the standout aspects of “Calling” is its exceptional instrumental arrangement, particularly the live saxophone sounds. How did you come up with this unique musical arrangement, and what was the significance of including the saxophone in the song?

Saxophone is one of my best musical instruments, and also guitar. And you can tell, both instrumentals flourished in Calling. In my head, I wanted to do a dance love song. I worked with a producer called Soundgod. I explain to him what I wanted and guided him through the process of sequencing the final instrumental. 

Your music is described as a fusion of Afropop sounds and dance elements. Can you elaborate on your musical influences and how they contributed to shaping your distinct sound in “Calling”?

My primary genre is Afropop, but my vocal texture always fly in dance song. I have always be influenced by Shaggy, Burna Boy, Seun Paul, and Rema. These influences made me infused dance element with my primary genre. 

You’ve had an interesting journey from your high school days, where you performed songs for your classmates, to pursuing careers in international relations and personal training. How has your background and experiences influenced your approach to music?

The first background that influenced me greatly in music is my Dad. I grew up listening to so many genre of music everyday when I was living with my parents. My Dad play all kind of songs, indirectly my body mind and soul was imbibing them. After a while, I started writing my own songs and singing in front of my classmates. The cheering was always encouraging. I took it to another level from there. 

What made you decide to transition into a solo music career in 2023, and what are your goals and aspirations as an artist?

Why developing my music crafts back in the days, I have stumbled into music groups, and worked with a record label. In 2023, I got a sponsor from LG electronics and decided to push my music by myself. Calling is the first track I released myself. It mean, am the artist and publisher at the same time. 

Your unique personality and eccentricities shine through your music. How do you stay true to yourself as an artist while navigating the music industry, which can sometimes be challenging?

Staying true to myself, is always 100% me. I sound like no one, my voice is one. My style of singing is from my heart, my mother tongue always shine in my vocal delivery. In addition, i studied History and international Relations in the university, also pursued careers in fitness. But music always control my soul. I can’t help it. 

“Calling” marks the beginning of a new chapter in your musical journey. What are your aspirations and goals as you continue to create and share your music with a wider audience?

My aspirations and goals; To be the best artist coming out from Africa. To be one of the best in my generation. To touch life’s with my music. To continue to give my fans quality and good music. 

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