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Exclusive Interview With Kingdumb

Fast rising British born artiste Kingdumb has officially released his long-awaited single titled ‘gamer’. On ‘Gamer’ Kingdumb used what he calls “hate it or love it” sound design, bringing a funky twist on his sound but maintaining his signature of razor sharp drums, high energy and titanic level bass.The multi-talented artiste was our guest on today’s episode of SM interview and he fielded questions from us regarding his new single ‘gamer’ and his music career in general.

However, Kingdumb is motivated to make people dance and connect through his music. With lots of support for an underground alias he now moves into a different realm, focusing on pushing standards forward in electronic music and making people want to move.

Over the last year Kingdumb has amassed nearly 200,000 streams using a fully DIY approach and has now collaborated with two UK charting artists, one of which had a seminal number 1 hit.Check out the interview beneath and be sure to stream ‘gamer’ beneath.


1. Tell me about yourself and what drew you to the music industry?

Hi guys, I’m British born with Indian heritage. I’ve mixed with many people from a lot of different backgrounds over the years. Music was a first love for me. It wasn’t so much the industry that drew me in, it was cutting edge music. I first heard ‘Charly’ by Prodigy and fell in love with rave music from a very young age. I just didn’t hear anything like it at the time and always wondered how they made that kind of stuff. I asked my cousin how they made ‘Jungle’ music a few years after hearing Charly.When he responded saying they used computers it was only a matter of time until I started myself.

2. What or who inspired your forthcoming single Gamer?

Gamer was actually inspired by online gaming. I used to play shoot ‘em up games alot, and kind of moved away from it for a while. One day I just had the urge to play again – I went from CSGO to Warzone and loved it! But yea it was essentially Warzone that inspired the track.

3. As an artist what’s the biggest misconception that people have about you?

Great question! I think that a lot of people think I sit around doing nothing with a lot of my time when the reality is that I’m always working on something, whether that’s music related or otherwise. I think this is quite a common perception of people who make music. Some people don’t fully appreciate the love and time that goes into it.

4. How has social media impacted your musical career and what are you grateful for the most?

Social Media is a gamer changer. It allows you to connect with people so easily and show people your creations. It lets you find like minded people and also allows you to learn about things you’re interested in. I’m really grateful for the traction I’ve built in quite a short space of time. I never imagined a year ago I’d be getting the amount of plays I am now.

5. Covid-19 has been hindering so many activities lately. How has this global pandemic impacted your music business and your lifestyle in general?

I could probably talk about this topic for a while but I’ll keep it concise. My lifestyle hasn’t changed a huge amount, the main changes are not being able to go to friends’ and families’ houses and not being able to go out to raves and clubs. To be honest this time has given me the space to really build what I’m doing and has freed up a lot of time. Every cloud has a silver lining as they say. I really feel for the people who have lost loved ones through this pandemic, but I hope that people start to appreciate the things in life that they may not have before. I really hope it’s a wake up call en mass.

6. What’s the most valuable lesson that you have learnt so far and how has that shaped your life?

The biggest lesson is probably to believe in yourself. I’ve been doing a lot of internal work on myself, moving from a place of uncertainty and not being sure, to having faith and understanding that we don’t have to be limited by our circumstances. This lesson is still shaping my life, but it has really made me happy in what I’m doing and has translated to a sense of peace almost all the time.

7. Outside music what do you enjoy doing in your free time?

In a non pandemic setting I like hearing cutting edge music out in clubs and also spending time with people I love. More recently I’ve spent time upping my knowledge base and gaming a bit more. I meditate every day too.

8. What inspires you the most when writing or making music?

A few years back I’d be inspired mainly by listening to really good music. Nowadays I Can get inspiration from a lot of different sources. It might be something I’m reading, it might be a person or story, it can even be the simple act of going for a walk.

9. You have amassed over 200,000 streams across Spotify and YouTube in the past Year. What’s your feeling towards that achievement?

I have a really big sense of gratitude. I’m proud that I’m able to attract this many People to my sound and I also feel a level of accomplishment, but I’m not done yet.

10. Which artiste do you intend collaborating with in the nearest future and why?

Collab wise I haven’t found the right people to work with for the near future but I’m sure that will come with time. Right now my focus is on what I can do using a very self sufficient approach. I’m kind of testing the waters with what I can do without and I’m yet to see the outcome of that!

Just as a side note – thanks for the interview, and have a good day!

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